Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SCANDAL: Lisa Loving Interviews Union Busting OSPIRG

KBOO's Loving Union Busting Ospirg!  Hosted by Lisa "Hacker" Loving no less!

Lisa Loving 
near Portland ·
Today on Wednesday Talk Radio: Pay for delay. My guest is Jesse O'Brien from OSPIRG, talking about Big Pharma's gambit to keep less-costly generic drugs off the market to protect their profits. Are you currently taking Lipitor for diabetes, Tamoxifen for breast cancer, Sinemet CR, Provigil? We want to hear from you. Call in 503-231-8187.
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  • Benny EL Starseed But, did Ospirg talk about the awful benefits and working conditions they provide their canvassers, effectively manipulating and exploiting young activists and busting their attempts to organize themselves?
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" But, did Ospirg talk about the awful benefits and working conditions they provide their canvassers, effectively manipulating and exploiting young activists and busting their attempts to organize themselves?"

OOPS!   Another Loving Scoop turns out to be dog doo!
And cadre aren't shy about protesting on KBOO's Facebook page:

Chani Geigle-Tellerposted toKBOO Community Radio
near Portland ·
  • Hey KBOO!! OSPIRG is a union buster. They ruin lives. They have no respect for their workers. As unionized shop, why let these traitors speak on your programs? There are so many other worthy folks in Portland who could speak about medical care accessibility.

    • Jon V Green So I must say, "(k) BOO! At least on this one... I will cheer when y'all retain integrity "
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Back in June, before whimsical flights of hacking took root in Comrade Loving's brain, she marched to a different tune about Union Busting activity.   In fact she was part of Glorious Leader's petition against Bullard Law:

SW Conser, KBOO Foundation Board President
Matthew Bristow, KBOO Foundation Board Vice President
Paula Small, KBOO Foundation Board Treasurer
Rabia Yeaman, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Michael Papadapoulos, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lisa Loving, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Jeff Kipilman, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Hadrian Micciche, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lyn Moelich, KBOO Foundation Board Member
It's not clear if Lisa signed or that would have been inappropriate, but it shows she was well aware of the issue of UNION BUSTING before talking to OSPRIG.

A search of ospirg union busting  yields hair raising results, especially for the more radical than thou who claim to be "media professionals":

OSPIRG fundraiser fires pro-union workers

Support OSPIRG workers fighting for their union

Even The Public Interest Research Group seems to have royally screwed up:

Oregon state Public Interest Research Group fires pro-union workers


How could one of the All Knowing ESP Inner Party have made such a drastic mistake?  Words fail us!


Readers can listen to Loving's Laughable interview at KBOO:

Wednesday Talk Radio on 07/24/13

Air date: 
Wed, 07/24/2013 - 8:00am - 9:00am
Short Description: 
The Twenty Top Generic Drugs Delayed By Industry Payoffs
New Research by the Public Interest Research Group shows people with cancer, heart disease, and other serious conditions are forced to pay ten times more than necessary for medication. Host Lisa Loving's guest is OSPIRG's Jesse O'Brien.
Is your health impacted by Big Pharma?  We want to hear from you. Call in 503-231-8187.


  1. Hey, if you are going to start worrying about working conditions for canvassers for left-wing organizations, there will just be no end to it, Comrades!

  2. ESP is clearly not all it's cracked up to be!

  3. Give the woman a break! She was distracted because her little boy got to meet the prez:

    Lisa Loving shared a link.
    7 hours ago near Portland
    My son James Lichtenstein is sitting on the stage behind President Obama during the Knox economy speech. He's in the back row towards stage left. That's right, as you watch the screen. Remember: Outside there in Galesburg, nothing but corn. Cornfields. Crows. Trains. That is all.

    1. Wha? Comrade Lisa is **celebrating** the fact that her son is sitting next to a DNC-loving, mainstream, liberal Democrat? Obama probably likes Thom Hartmann, too!

      Summon the Purge Committee, Comrades!

    2. Guess hubby is more supportive:

      avid Lichtenstein via Lela Loving Lichtenstein
      Yesterday at 09:36 ·

      In twenty minutes at 9:55 Pacific President Obama is speaking on the economy at my son's college in Illinois. James says he has been chosen to stand behind the president.

  4. Who cares! I want to know where the party is Friday!

    1. Only the Party knows where the party is, Comrade!

    2. "I want to know where the party is Friday!"

      At the Compound! Duh!

  5. UPDATE: Someone at KBOO noticed:

    KBOO Community Radio Hey Chani - I'm passing your comments on to our News and Public Affairs Directors. Thanks so much for sharing your concerns. Worker solidarity is key!

    1. No more updates from KBOO, but Neil is also annoyed:

      Neil Loehleinposted toKBOO Community Radio
      about an hour ago ·

      Dear KBOO,
      I was disappointed to find out that you hosted a representative from the union-busting, non-profit OSPIRG yesterday. Community radio should support the community, not organizations that ruin workers' lives.

      Neil Loehlein ps. I've had two friends fired from OSPIRG while trying to organize a union there, so this is a very important issue to me.
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  6. It's easy to not know about other workplace issues since the KBOO staff only unionized to prevent anyone from actually reviewing their resumes, performance history, or job descriptions.
    Ooops, I mean worker solidarity.