Saturday, July 13, 2013

Board Meeting Monday, Blue Oregon conspires to bring Thom Hartmann to KBOO

Damn these Dastardly Democrats!

(Confused already?  Read the "But Seriously Folks" blurb to your right!)

Inner Party loyalist intercepted communications  between DEMOCRATS and Traitor Hoyne.

But a first a message for loyal cadre about the KBOO Boars Meetings in July!
This month there's not one, but TWO meetings:

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meetings for July 2013
Monday, July 15th, 2013, 6pm
Monday, July 29th, 2013, 6pm
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR
Why Glorious Leader predicted this!

We, as members, are not left without recourse. Some are now organizing aSpecial General Membership meeting (probably in July), which would have the power to rescind the terrifically expensive anti-union push, and restore transparency and participation to KBOO.  (Watch this space for details!)  We may have to move quickly on this; once the programming is gutted, the audience changes and members will leave en masse, in disgust.

If Monday is a Special Membership Meeting, we sure hope KBOO is informing members by email and on it's website!  Wouldn't want any accusations of dishonest shenanigans to get started!

This is slightly irregular and with talks about a "coup" in the air, we thought this should be spammed like all get out.  Tell your friends and fellow KBOO members!

Now back to Blue Oregon.  From an intercepted email:

From: "Carla Axtman, BlueOregon Action"
Date: July 12, 2013, 11:02:02 AM PDT
Subject: Save KPOJ: Thom Hartmann back on the air

When KPOJ ended their progressive talk radio format, the Save KPOJ movement spoke loud and clear: We want progressive talk on the air in Portland.

We didn’t force Clear Channel to reverse course, but we succeeded in one important step: Restoring Carl Wolfson’s voice.  Through his internet radio show, he’s demonstrating that there’s a robust audience for progressive talk.  

Now, we have a chance to take another step:  We can get Thom Hartmann back on the air – live, over-the-air, on-your-FM-dial radio.  

It’s true: Thom Hartmann has offered to let KBOO carry his show at no cost.  

Thom is now the #1 progressive talk radio host in the nation.  But with the takeover of KPOJ, he’s not on the air in Portland, one of the nation’s most progressive cities and where his show first started.

KBOO’s nonprofit Board of Directors will be voting soon on whether or not to bring Thom Hartmann to their airwaves.  We may not have been able to Save KPOJ, but we can get Thom back on the air in Portland!

With all the insidious right wing talk filling the airwaves, it’s more important than ever for the region to get commentary on national and international news from a progressive voice.

Let’s bring Thom Hartmann back to Portland.

Carla Axtman
BlueOregon Action

p.s. Want to listen to KBOO? In Portland, KBOO is on 90.7 FM.   In Hood River, on 91.9 FM. In Corvallis, 104.3 FM.  

And that just proves that bringing Thom Hartmann to KBOO would bring Democrats. Or something.

Whatever it is, the Inner Party members think it would be sorta bad.
For some reason.

Cows might be involved.

Nonetheless,  at Facebook the idea is taking off like wildfire as the Democrats invade:
  • It's true! Thom Hartmann could be back on Portland radio, on the FM dial. The good folks at KBOO Community Radio are considering adding him to the lineup -- sign the BlueOregon petition and let 'em know that you'd listen!
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    • Aileen Kaye Done, plus made a contribution to Blue Oregon. Thanks, Kari, for all you do!

    • Chris Lowe People should be aware that this is highly contentious within the world of KBOO volunteers (programmers and other volunteers) because it would require displacing a huge swathe of current programming, either Democracy NOW! or local programming. It is also a bone of contention in struggles over how KBOO is being managed and should be managed. Rightly or wrongly the idea of airing Hartmann's show is being seen as a) a management ploy and b) a conspiratorial effort by BlueOregon Democratic aligned liberals to make KBOO less radical and more conventional. Also, since the management has been critical of current programming for not being diverse enough, that they are willing to even entertain giving over 15 hours a week to one program by a white man is seen as reflecting dishonesty in the original criticism.

      I oppose doing this because I think it would damage KBOO's programming and because of its internal divisiveness, so I won't be signing. Anyone who is pressing ahead along this route should make up their minds at least to make substantial financial contributions to KBOO, and better still to volunteer at the station.

    • Richard Patrick Burke I think it is interesting that commercial lefty talk radio often seems to need "saving". That itself is instructive. The fact that lefty talk radio couldn't even make it in a market like Portland is also instructive.

    • Aileen Kaye I signed, as it's better than having to tune into Thom via my smartphone/PC/or tablet. However, I really really want a non-dues/non-volunteer radio station with the range of KPOJ to bring back the progressive format!!!! I loved my radios and now they are just sitting there doing nothing. Thank goodness Carl Wolfson ( created his great internet radio show. It's wonderful. I want him back on our public airwaves, too. Our fed government has totally let us down regarding who gets access to our bandwidth!! Another result of the corporatization of the USA.

    • Aileen Kaye To Richard Burke: The lefty talk radio station had better ratings that the current sports station. Rush Limbaugh lost billions for the stations, Romney's company ran ClearChannel into the ground. You probably think OPB is "lefty". It has VERY high ratings.

    • Sheryl Warren If they carry Randi Rhodes too, I'll be there!!

Please vote yes on Thom Hartmann! :)

KBOO board:
Please accept Thom Hartmann's offer to carry his show at no cost!
See what happens when the "Inner Party" staff all blow off to the Oregon Country Faire?  Members out of control and off message with Party propaganda!

Bruce Hornbuckle takes a grimmer view:
Hey when Kay Boo Goes under next year can KURU have the equipment please if it isn't all auctioned to pay of debtors?

You LITERALLY need to let the youth collective take over programming duties. It's our only hope. I've given this lots of thought. And possibly some staff positions.

Well, the kids can't possibly screw up things any more than the Inner Party has!But they're probably at County Faire too!



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  1. Funny how Chris Lower wants to backtrack from save KPOJ now he sees it doesn't support the "Inner Party" agenda:

    "Chris Lowe · Top Commenter · Reed
    How do I resign from Save KPOJ? I supported the initial effort but I strongly oppose this.

    There are some real issues about agenda setting, democracy and voice in this, both for Save KPOJ and for BlueOregon Action. Who decides what actions are supported by BlueOregon Action? This kind of thing is going to undermine the claim that "BlueOregon" as such does not take positions on things.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · Friday at 1:10pm"

    No matter what anyone says, he clings to the idea BlueOregon wants to "take over" KBOO! It's like a cult.