Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traitor Hoyne demands removal of Board President Conch over [REDACTED]!

Clearly Traitor Hoyne plans to take over the Board by nickel and dime attrition!  Now the Board President is in Hoyne's sights :

Greetings KBOO Board of Directors,
Let me begin by stating it does not thrill me to write this letter to you all, but for the good of KBOO and the community, I feel it is needed that I continue to ask questions that so far have continued to go unanswered.
In September 2012 (when I was a Board Member) SW Conser (i.e. Conch) called for an executive session during which time he discussed concerns (redacted). Conch’s subsequent actions were extremely inappropriate and detrimental to the KBOO foundation.
In the closed session, Conch indicated that (redacted). Conch indicated that he consulted with KBOO’s legal counsel regarding the matter (Several months later the bill came due, which the board had no choice but to approve). Conch will tell you that the money was in the budget. That is technically true. In October of 2012, at the beginning of the fiscal year, there is an amount set aside for Legal Fees. As the bill came due early in the fiscal year, Conch was the first person to dip his hand into the jar and use that money.  That shows a complete disregard for any needs that would come later on in the fiscal year (such as legal counsel to negotiate with a union representative for the staff).
It’s possible Conch committed more egregious acts, such as (redacted). I believe Hadrian may be able to bring you up to speed on that.
After Conch acted completely independently, without approval or consultation from the Executive Committee or the Board as a whole, it turns out all of his actions were a waste
The time he spent with the lawyers, the money he spent on legal fees, the possible other issues.
Here’s what happened. In Executive Session, Conch (redacted). That was it, problem solved, no legal fees, no motions to approve, just common sense. Why did Conch waste so much of the foundations money, then not own up to it?
When questioned on the matter, Conch has been extremely evasive, attempting to link his legal spending to a FCC issue or some other matter. At the June Board meeting, he tried to suggest that if Hadrian did not move forward with the motion last month, it somehow would be barred from being brought up again, like there is some statute of limitations that was set to expire.
These diversionary tactics are something we’d expect to see from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, not from community radio in Portland, Oregon.
If Conch has done nothing wrong, then why does he continue to try to use his power as Board President to sweep this under the rug?
If you really want to talk to people that were there that night about what really happened, I’d refer you to the minutes on KBOO’s website:
The following directors were in attendance
Paula Small, S.W. Conser (Conch), Kate McCourt, Alicia Olson, Michael Papadapoulos, Lyn Moelich, Marc Brown, Lisa Loving, Judy Fiestal, Ben Hoyne
I know Brush was also in the room; Lynn Fitch was also there. Newly elected Board Members were not invited into the closed session.
As you can see from that list, there are few members still on the board. I would encourage you all to seek input from people on this list.
Obviously Conch as well as Lyn Moelich have conflicts of interest in protecting their own/joint interests. I would think it obvious that since I’m also calling for Lisa Loving’s removal from the board that she would not be free of any conflict in discussing concerns that I have raised for months.
Ask Paula and Michael what happened. Ask me, Marc Brown, Alicia Olsen, and anyone else you can get to show up at a Board Meeting to address it.
Call an executive session and invite me in to discuss it, because if I’m not in the room, I’m sure Conch will do his best to spin the facts just as he has been for months.
If he’s got nothing to hide, he should welcome a discussion.
Conch has broken the trust that the KBOO membership and community placed in him, by abusing his authority and incurring legal bills totaling over $1,000.
If the transgressions listed on Hadrian’s motion from last month are accurate, it is worse than I knew.
For this reason, I am asking that he be removed from the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors.
Having Conch lead the Foundation at a time when trust is paramount to its success is unacceptable. It’s not just about removing Conch from a leadership position on the board. Through his continued actions over the past several months, Conch has demonstrated time and again that he has not learned from his mistakes, nor owned up to them. His actions have caused and continue to bring harm to the foundation.
The Board is well within its rights, and has the duty to remove SW Conser from the KBOO Board of Directors for conduct detrimental to the foundation.
I would encourage the board to ask Lyn Moelich to recuse herself from discussion and voting on this matter as she is Conch’s girlfriend/partner and that makes it impossible for her to be impartial.
If Lyn’s vote is needed to “save” Conch’s seat on the Board, I think that tells us all what is truly appropriate.
I would also suggest that Lisa Loving should also recuse herself, since she obviously has shown hostility towards me, and cannot view my concerns impartially. I would hope that Lyn and Lisa are confident in the actions of their fellow board members and would be willing to recuse themselves.
I’ll be at the Board Meeting next week and am happy to address any questions, either in open session or closed session.
Thank you for your time,
Ben Hoyne 

We don't know what the big deal it.
Even if Board Presidents have been driven off for less.
Much much less.   
Like for a off hand statement blown way out of proportion and being labelled as a Nazi Apologist.

President of KBOO is an Nazi Apologist

The President of KBOO is a Nazi Apologist and works for the city of Portland defending Police Brutality
Becky Chiao, is the current President of the KBOO board of directors.

For example.

The worst that could happen to Conser/Conch is some party(s) could take his statements about welcoming Tea Baggers:

 "The tea partiers are welcome to join us,"
Combined them with the underwriting of KBOO programming by a Tea Bagger:

And start an aggressive online campaign to drive Conch off the board for using KBOO to recruit and organize for the Tea Party.  

Gee, hope that doesn't happen!

But if it did,  it would make just as much sense as driving Beck Chiao off as a "Nazi Apologist".

So the real concern isn't this math and funds thing that we at the Inner Party don't really understand.  Though for some reason the IRS is very interested.
It's a mystery.  The real concern is Conch/Conser will get the Becky Chiao Chop Suey Character treatment.

In other news: Glorious Leader's honeybun is off to Oregon Country Faire!  Presumably taking Glorious  Leader because we can't imagine them being separated, ever!

Ani Raven Haines · 32 followers
5 hours ago near Portland ·
Leaving for Country Fair this morning! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥
What can we say!  Glorious Leader works hard and needs another break!

We don't call it the Inner PARTY for nothin'!



  1. Let's Inner PARTEEEEEEEE!!!!

  2. Here is Conch's response, notice the complete evasion of the issue at hand and his attempt made to smear me and my intentions.

    From: S.W. Conser
    To: Hadrian Micciche
    Cc: DJ Benjamin ; "timothyjgwelp "sueb.kboo, <markx "kboopaula,"boardbliss, lloving2002 "jbkip "papadop, "rabiapdx; "myst567, ", brush, goaskalice, "marcdavidbrown
    Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 9:25 AM
    Subject: Re: KBOO Board Director Conduct Detrimental to the Foundation
    I am sincerely sorry that Mr Hoyne's disappointment at not being named Board President last year continues to cause problems for him, and that he feels the compulsion to broadcast this disappointment endlessly throughout the community.
    That said, this lingering issue of Mr Hoyne's provides a valuable object lesson for anyone interested in taking on an officer position within a non-profit institution. Anyone in a position of authority, no matter how assiduously they follow the demands of their office, will find themselves subject to nonstop second-guessing and gossip, much of it uninformed, some of it wholly invented. In Karl Rovean fashion, even attacks that are clearly contradicted by the official record will be repeated ad infinitum.
    Although I wouldn't want to scare anyone away from taking on a decision-making role in grassroots public service, board officers should be prepared for the fact that, in the era of the internet, (a) your critics have limitless access to aliases and anonymous blogs which seemingly give them a larger voice than they would otherwise command; (b) a board officer representing a non-profit institution is expected to ignore character attacks and defamation which would otherwise be considered legally actionable, in service to the greater good of the institution; (c) duty to confidentiality often tends to limit one's ability to defend oneself against such defamation; and (d) despite your loftiest ideals, a great deal of your time will be spent countering actions by members who, intentionally or not, are geared toward tearing down the reputation not only of individuals, but of the broader institution.
    Whatever authority is commanded by an officer of a non-profit board is expected to be utilized in service of the organization's mission. Anyone who seeks a position of authority with the goal of imposing a personal agenda, or the expectation of having others cater to them, is in the wrong business. It is only the most rarified of boards, the multi-million dollar non-profits, that welcome entitled do-nothing directors. In the world of grassroots organizations such as KBOO, board directors are expected to put in long hours meeting with the membership, putting together events, doing intense research, and reaching out to the wider community.
    It is unfortunate that so many decent and talented volunteers in the non-profit sphere are discouraged from stepping up to the level of board directorship by the toxic atmosphere represented by the troll culture surrounding us. My only recommendation would be for idealistic people to take the long view. Seen in perspective, the critics in the shadows eventually fade away, as they find easier targets to attack. With patience, one finds that commitment, collaboration, and innovation are eventually recognized for what they are, as are their opposites: narcissism and the politics of destruction.
    -- C.

    1. "I am sincerely sorry that Mr Hoyne's disappointment at not being named Board President last year continues to cause problems for him, "

      Can we say passive-aggressive? How old is this man?

    2. " your critics have limitless access to aliases and anonymous blogs which seemingly give them a larger voice than they would otherwise command"

      Sounds like Inner Party projection.

      But nice to know he correctly understands the critics of KBOO have a large voice. Why look at all our anonymous aliases at! You gotta know by now all 88 posts in this thread alone are made my Traitor Hadrian!

    3. *by* Traitor Hadrian!

  3. I'll note that I asked for Conch's removal by the Board, I didn't demand it. Semantics perhaps, but important I think.

  4. Looks like Glorious Leader isn't going with Ani:

    "Press Watch Where o where are you tonight? Why did you leeeeeave me here all alone...I searched the world over an' I thought I'd found true love...but yew met another and [ppplffft].. yew wuz GONE...HEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Enjoy the Fair, see you Monday!
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