Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Audio of KBOO July 29th Bored, er, Board Meeting!

 WE HAZ AUDIO.  But no snark yet. Sorry.

There's so much material all of  us simply don't have the time to listen to ALL 4 FRACKING HOURS and come up with snarky material in one goddamn day.

Who do you people think we are?  Robin Williams on speed?  We have jobs!  And lives!  Geez.   Also, we could all watch Iron Man 3 TWICE and, believe it or not, our brains would melt LESS for the experience!

But we know our zombies fans are hungry so we're here to feed you until we can review the material at our leisure.  Skimming the audio you can expect:

- a clueless Conser who couldn't manage a meeting to save his life
-an annoyed Jew(an possible Mossad agent don't forget!)
-Lisa "Hacker" Loving snarking on "super sekrit documents"
-Fitch being generally Awesome...did we say Awesome?  Sorry, EVIL, we meant EVIL
-more annoyance from the Jew
-Slips of paper(no, really!)

So, until we've got our notes together, enjoy!


part 1

Part 2


  1. At least not as "bored" as the June 24th meeting. Jesus, that took forever to start...

  2. These people are making accessing the website like planning the Battle of Verdun. "Dudes"(as Lisa would say), you just need admin access and a password. Hurr.
    What was that comment Roger Leigh left about being ignorant about technology?

  3. Did someone actually say: "I think we need someone in place to run the station." ? Because Fitch is on medical leave? Implying it IS Fitch's job to run the station?

    Oh lawdy lawd...

    1. "her hours pay and benefits have not been altered"

      oh yeah, nice ass coverage there lol

  4. For those who didn't know already, KBOO uses "Bank of the Cascades". And apparently makes a habit of ignoring messages from the bank for two months. Hmmmm.

  5. BOC needed to know two things:

    1:Determine who's listed as administrator of the BOC account(it was Debbie, but she's no longer employed- was laid off)

    2. Does the board want to include the treasurer president or any other board member as the administrator?

    And they need answers by Aug 1st.

    Nice to know KBOO does't leave these things until the last minute. -_-

    1. And Matthew is the account administrator until Sept 1st! Forget the disturbing fact KBOO had NO ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATOR for at least TWO MONTHS.

    2. They are morons.

    3. But wait! Paula might be an admin! But they don't know! So Matt can talk to Paula on the 6th! Except the bank needs to know by the 1st, or the money stops flowing on the 5th! OMG! WHAT WILL THEY DO!

    4. They're morons. That's the nicest way to put it.

  6. I particularly like the part where the board does everything possible to NOT look at the documents before voting that there was nothing done wrong. Nearly all members voting on item 12 were NOT in attendance at either of the two previous closed sessions where the actual problem was discussed, nor have they seen the records that were provided by the attorney. But they voted to affirm there is no problem after refusing Lynn's participation, and refusing to go into closed session, and refusing to look at Conch's versions with "redactions".


    And something else could slip by unnoticed. In the opening, when Timothy sounds sympathetic to medical leave, and seems to be protecting KBOO from violating rules about employees on leave, he conveniently leaves out the fact that with under 25 employees KBOO is not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). So unless there is information I'm missing here, there was no "legal situation" preventing Lynn from participating, and no doctor's note would be required.

    Hmm. And this from the guy who is supposed to be in charge of negotiations on behalf of KBOO for labor contracts.

    A more elegant coverup would have been to simply remove item 12 from the agenda before the meeting, or at least during agenda approval. No reason for documents or closed session if it's not on the agenda. No reason for Lynn to show up to do her duty to the board, trying to inform them before they take action. Just leave it alone, move on. But by putting on this agenda item to affirm that there is no problem, it opens old business up for discussion again and makes the issues visible again. Dumb. Just like removing Hadrian rather than ignore him for three more meetings. Dumb. Anyone listening?

    1. There's a psychological precedent: people insecure because they know they're incompetent and they over compensate.

      Could also be trying to impress Timmy. Does he know KBOO has under 25 employees? Or have they "fudged" figures? According to Linked in KBOO has 10 -50 employees:

      Yeah, yeah, he should check, but just saying. Hard to tell if Timmy is another goon or a dupe.

      Ah fuck it:

      De tror att vi att vi är idioter.

  7. As a long time listener and contributor (and present for as much of the meeting as I could stomach), it was informative to hear the board of (soon to be broke) KBOO say that "it was only $1500. We need to move on" in regards to the procurement of "secret documents" about former renegade staff member with board aspirations. After all, the board indicated that it has tiptoed around this issue and voted to ignore it without knowing what "it" is several times already. Any way I can stipulate that the hard earned $300 I contribute each fund drive be used for important radio stuff and not for the amateur back room bungling of half wits and power hungry control freak cancer-like energy vampires?

    1. "Any way I can stipulate that the hard earned $300 I contribute each fund drive be used for important radio stuff and not for the amateur back room bungling of half wits and power hungry control freak cancer-like energy vampires?"

      But wait, Comrade! The Iron Rice Bowl needs you! Staff needs you! Why, these people are virtually unemployable ANYWHERE else! Think about what will happen to them if KBOO fails!

    2. "Think about what will happen to them if KBOO fails!"

      Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  8. It's good to see (seemingly) more people are beginning to realize their money is being poorly spent by Board and Staff at KBOO.

    In the same meeting we heard, paraphrasing "don't worry about the $1,500 Conch spent, it's a drop in the bucket of our total deficit!"

    Then later when mediation was discussed for Lynn Fitch it was "well we don't want to spend much money on this, we have a budget deficit"

    Also, during the mediation discussion Michael P said Lynn asked for arbitration but was given mediation instead. Conch and Lynn quickly lambasted him for disclosing private information.

    Not sure how big a deal it is that Lynn asked for Arbitration and got mediation, but if someone knows, feel free to comment.

    1. should be Conch and Lyn Moelich lambasted Michael

    2. Everyone's getting confused with everyone else.... even us! You're not alone Comrade!