Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kraus Raus reveals Democracy Now may not be in compliance with KBOO Program Policy

Shocking!   How could the Inner Party miss this!

Below is the Program Proposal at the sekrit Inner Party URL(Wasn't that funny when Comrade Lisa told Kari to walk in the front door?  HA HA HA!)

KBOO Online Program Proposal Form
(online version)
Interested in producing a radio program on a noncommercial, community station?
KBOO is soliciting new program proposals for regular airtime. This can be music,
public affairs, spoken arts, or a mixture of any of these. Shows can be every week, bi-
weekly, or monthly. They can be produced by one individual or a collective. Music
shows are usually ninety minutes or two hours. Public affairs shows are usually thirty to
sixty minutes.
We ask that you get involved at KBOO as volunteers. There are a lot of responsibilities,
both on and off the air, that are required. If you are serious about giving us a program
proposal, you must be serious about volunteering at KBOO. This includes:
• Volunteer orientation
• Volunteer training and off-air work
• Production classes
• Legal workshop
• News or public affairs training
• Music or air room training
• Signing a programmer’s contract
• Assisting with KBOO pledge drives
If you’d like to proceed, have a look at the following proposal form and questionnaire.
If you have questions, please let us know. Contact KBOO at 503-231-8032 and ask for
Chris Merrick, Kathleen Stephenson, Jenka Soderberg, or any other staff member. We
will assist you with the proposal if you need help.
There are several collectives at KBOO that produce programs. If you like collectives
check with us to find out how to get involved. If you and your friends want to start a
new collective please contact us first about what collectives do.
KBOO does not give air time to organizations to produce their own programs. We do
have members of organizations on the air as producers of their own shows, who
sometimes represent the organization.
We are currently opening time between 6:00 pm – midnight, Monday – Friday, for
proposals, but if there are other times or days that you think would work better, let us
know. Priority is given to the 6:00 pm - midnight proposals at this time.

If possible please answer these questions on a separate page, rather than trying to squeeze answers in between the questions.

YOUR NAME:__________________________________________________________
NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM:____________________________________________

Describe your proposed program. What are the priorities, purposes, and goals for your
show? (We want to really know what you have in mind, be verbose. Attach your
answers to an additional sheet of paper or elaborate between each question if you are
emailing back your proposal form)

1. Why should KBOO air this program? What needs and what community will it
serve? How is it different from programming elsewhere?

2. What resources will you be using for the program? For example, if it is a music
program, do you have access to material besides the KBOO library? If it is a
public affairs program, what sort of contacts and resource material will you use?

3. Are you producing the program yourself? If other people are involved, what
will they do (host, producer, engineer, etc). List each person who will work on
the program. Indicate what experience and skills they are contributing.

4. If you are not engineering the program, do you have someone who can do so or
will KBOO need to provide an engineer?

5. Can you provide written copy for the KBOO monthly program guide

6. Can you provide on-line copy for the KBOO website, or develop your own
website to promote a program?

7. Will you be doing publicity for the program? If yes, please briefly describe.

8. Have you ever volunteered at KBOO? If so, please briefly describe. (This is not
required to submit a proposal).

9. For music programs, please attach a playlist to indicate what kind of material
and format you will be using. Demo CDs may also be submitted.

10. Do you prefer working in a collective? If yes, what would this be, or would you
like to know more about current KBOO collectives?

11. What are a couple of your favorite shows on KBOO (music, public affairs, news)
and (briefly) describe why:

12. Do you do any of the following: go to community meetings, neighborhood street
fairs, other organization meetings, design your own flyers, create any print ads,
etc, to promote your program outside of KBOO? If yes, please describe:

13. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve listened to KBOO, other
stations you like, other media, groups or neighborhood organizations you work
with, etc.

But according to leaked correspondence, Democracy Now might never have been subject to these stringent requirements:
Dear Kari,

First, let me thank you for all the hard work you've put into the petitions for having Thom Hartmann on KBOO Radio.

As current board member Lisa Loving has explained, a KBOO Program Proposal Form seems to be missing in this process.  Attached please find the required form, three pages as a pdf. 

Reading though the form, it appears that many of the details asked for will have to be filled out by Mr. Thom Hartmann, or someone in his production group.  You'll note that KBOO needs to know the details of his production team, what KBOO training classes Thom has taken, and other details I can't fill in properly myself.  And don't worry about the Programmers Contract, that's only needed once KBOO approves the program and I can forward this to you at a later date.

Can I leave this with you to forward directly to him?  If you like, we could ask your BlueOregon petitioners to submit their best guesses as how to fill this form out, and fax it to KBOO at (503) 231-7145 or email to as clearly time is of the essence.  Feel free to distribute this form freely.

Now that we've raised this issue for syndicated programs, I'll ask KBOO to produce the Program Proposal Forms that were filled out by Amy Goodman for having Democracy Now on our schedule.  I'm sure this is an oversight and we'll find those forms quickly.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Ed Kraus
KBOO volunteer, programmer, and Board Candidate

"Now that we've raised this issue for syndicated programs, I'll ask KBOO to produce the Program Proposal Forms that were filled out by Amy Goodman for having Democracy Now on our schedule.  I'm sure this is an oversight and we'll find those forms quickly."

We sure hope so!   The Inner Party can't take much more exposure on the hypocrisy front! 

Besides, we've got Comrade Ani's party to plan for!  How the hell can we concentrate on the perfect vol-au-vents with this hanging over our heads?  

Now get cracking cadre and find those forms!

-Meresa Titchell


  1. Or FSRN, or Ed Hightower, or Palestinian News, or Hard Knock Radio, etc, etc

  2. For extra lulz, ask them to produce the Program Proposal Form for Presswatch.

    Backdating not allowed, Comrades!

    1. Don't forget "Positively Revolting".

  3. Poor Comrade Hagmeier. They sent him to BlueOregon without a clue and it shows:

    Kari Chisholm · Follow · Top Commenter · President at Mandate Media · 176 subscribers
    Michael Hagmeier: "So are you actually doing anything with this petition? " Um, yes. We've delivered the petition to the executive director and board chair - including every single name.

    I don't work for Thom Hartmann. I won't be the guy who runs the radio show for him. Thus, I won't be the guy filling out a form proposing a show. I'm just the guy who made it possible for a few thousand people to speak their minds. Nothing wrong with that.

    If KBOO's board wants to add him, I'm sure the paperwork will get done. If they don't, the paperwork won't make a difference.

    So how does Mikey respond?
    "No, you made it possible for a few thousand people to sign on to you speaking your mind. You haven't made it possible for them to add any nuance to your statement.

    And it's been possible for people to "speak their mind" to KBOO all along. There's mail, an email form on their website, and the telephone."'s a PETITION. Have no idea what they're trying to accomplish by sending Mikey to spar with Kari---except show that no one in the SaveKBOO camp knows what they're talking about.

  4. "Be sure to be verbose". And also be sure to "ask for Chris Merrick".

    Uh, how do we find Chris Merrick? Is he Richard Smith? Do we look for him in Happy Valley?