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You heard it first here at Save KBOO from Save KBOO!

In a move that only Left Radicals, Socialists, Antifas, Progressives, ARAs, Democrats, and vegetarians could hate, that is most of KBOO's membership, KBOO was given a fiscal reprieve just a few short hours ago by Tea Party Party Boy Michael Zokoych of Michael's Italian Beef:

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Thanks to Michael's Italian Beef and Sausage Co. for underwriting KBOO programs!
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Reviewers on Yelp! have more to say:

Hates Indians:
Portland, OR


Mu husband has always loved this place for years, why i'm not sure!! but we stopped thre on a cold super rainy normal Portland day, I didn't want to get out of the car so my husband went in to get our order.

He called me once inside and asked me to come in, which I did..when I got on in there I was so disgusted on how they treated my husband, he being 6'3 250 pound Native American, I feel they stereo typed him, the weathered looking lady treated him cold took his order he paid with my debit card, then instead of giving back the card, told him they were confiscating it becuase clearly he is not the person who belongs to the card, hence why he asked me to come in, once in she gave me the card instead of handing it back, she went back to what she was doing, mu husband standing there feeling embarrased and uncomfortable, treated ,like a theif, my question to her was, " Why take the order charge the card, if you thought it was stolen" who was the theif in that situation.

I got nothing but attitude, so I asked for a refund. You would think that would be the end of it all but noooooo.

SInce my husband loived that place and has spoke with the owner over the years, we decided to call to let Michael hmself know about the situation, that  was an even worse mistake then going to eat there. I tried to call the woman on the phone was rude and hung up on me, I called back then Michael got on the phone, and starting yelling at me to hang up becuase I was tying up the line to take his debit card payments I was stunned I couldnt believe it!!

I believe this is not an owner that cares what his customers think, so no sense in calling him back hopefully any new customers read this and heed the warnings, Portland has so many great food places, why waste a great meal on Michaels!!

Rants Like Rush:

Andrew H.
Portland, OR

First, let's talk about the elephant* in the room:

The owner, is, a character.  When I heard his non-stop-talk-radio-esque ranting early in the morning I thought "surely, the reviews most make mention of him."

And, surprise, THEY DO!

I DO NOT share his political views (to be fair though, there are very few people I share such views with...but this is neither the time nor the place).

I don't really care though.  If someone makes good food I am not concerned about their thoughts on healthcare, war, taxes, etc,etc, blah, blahadfjalkdsf.  My personal views/ideas rarely win if my stomach is involved.  I should note though, that I was not personally attacked by the owner or anything.  And I rather enjoy listening to people complain.  If it wasn't so early in the morning, I may have even engaged in some healthy debate.

But the food here, is not good.  At all.  It wouldn't even be good if it were 1/3rd of the price and served at little league game with the proceeds going to the little tykes.  This is some of the worst food I have had in Portland.  For over $10 I got a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.  The sandwich was comprised mostly of boring white hoagie bread, with a bit of crappy-old-tasting beef in the middle and some mundane (not hot, at all) hot peppers sprinkled on top.

The lady that served me was incredibly nice, this star is for her.

*is this what a pun feels like?
His Own Side Can't Stand It
Portland, OR
Updated - 2/10/2013
Went there AGAIN and I am philosophically aligned with the owner.  Unfortunately the food is not good.  I tried the spaghetti and meatballs.  SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS!  If you can't pull this off you can't be an Italian restaurant.

They couldn't pull it off.  Went into the trash.
Sexual Harassment Time Bomb Liability
Portland, OR

Let's start with the food. The bread was BLAND. The meat in the Italian Beef sandwich was AWFUL. It honestly tasted like salty scraps marinated in nasty gravy for hours until the flavor of the meat had dissipated into the gravy! So much so that the texture was dry and worthless. I didn't see anyone sauteing the onions or the peppers - I suspect they had been cooked earlier in the morning. No flavor at all.

The rugrats behind the counter were having a graphic conversation about childbirth and menstrual periods between orders. To top that off, the owner was standing there making comments to the girls that would have landed him in court for sexual harassment anywhere else. The level of professionalism was pretty low.

There was a 5% charge for using my debit/credit card. Not acceptable, guys. Work it into your overhead costs. It's fairly basic business sense.

I'm not sure what people see in this place, as there were quite a few people sitting in the booths eating away.

In any case, I won't be coming back.

If you want a good, solid Italian style sandwich, go over to Shut Up and Eat on SE 39th and Gladstone. Completely superior to this outdated fare.
Hates Cyclists
Portland, OR
This is NOT a bicyclist friendly restaurant! If you ride a bike, these people do not like you.

I took my last trip to Micheal's today. I thought I would not say this because I am a regular customer and have enjoyed the food. However, from the moment I stepped into Micheal's,  I was relentlessly hassled both by the owner and one's of the employees, because I chose to wear my "I Bike Portland" shirt.

The employee started in on me by loudly stating they should charge me an extra 5% for riding a bike and repeated herself until I asked if I should get a refund and leave. The owner then stepped into the conversation and started ranting at me about how bicyclists don't pay licenses fees for roads and improvements and they should be taxed on and on, blah blah blah.  At which point, I kept asking him, are you hassling me, a customer, because i ride a bike? He finally replied in a very sarcastic tone, "Ohhhh I am Sorrryyyy."

I will never return to this establishment.

I hate to break it to this guy, but car registration fees do not pay for roads, income and property taxes do. I am pretty confident that like everyone else cyclists, have jobs, owns cars and property and pay their taxes. As far as I am concerned, he has every right to dislike cyclists and voice his opinion but maybe he shouldn't hassle the people that pay his bills.
 Really Hates Cyclists:
Portland, OR
Good food!  But the owner and staff are very rude!  My friend and I went there for lunch.  My friend was wearing a tshirt that said "I Bike Portland" on it.  First the woman behind the counter started harassing him for it.  Then the owner came over and joined in.  Apparently they hate bicyclists, and think they're all a bunch of lazy, non tax paying losers.  Even after my friend was obviously offended, they wouldn't let up.  This isn't how you treat paying customers!  If we weren't starving, and hadn't already paid for our food, we would've left.  I won't be going back!
Crap Food:

Eugene, OR

 I take back any good words I may have written in the past. Unless you like mediocre food with minimal nutritional value and and a wannabe Beck or Limbaugh for an owner, avoid this place.

Clackamas, OR
without a douth the worst place to eat your lunch or dinner is Michael's. I can't stand the loud moth owner and his help. I use to go here all of the time. First of all, it's two blocks from where I work, but since the owner treats all of his customers like were idiots.....I stopped going there. I will never set foot in his place ever again. The food is lousy.....I have had a lot better. Especially when I go to Chicago to visit my family. Also....most important!!! the service "STINKS"...Especially the owner who treats not only his help like crap,
but the customer's as well. And, we're the ones who pay his bills. Well, you know what......................NOT ANYMORE!!!!

Incompetent Cook Or Fake?

Chicago, IL
Yeah, I'm sorry, but 1 star. I am from Chicago and visited beautiful Portland and tried a beef sammich from here. Wayyy too thick on the cuts of beef. And Onions? Never heard of onions on a beef. They told me the owner is from Skokie, IL, so I was suprised at how unauthentic this sammich was.

And then there's ZoKoych's stunt with the Tea Party:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Obama Insanity Begins: Photos of the Tea Party Rally at Michael's Beef!

Posted by Sarah Mirk on Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 1:42 PM

It's been almost a year since Tea Baggers held an anti-Obama rally in the Michael's Italian Beef parking lot. Time for a reunion! With the president coming into town this evening, the radical fringe was out in full force in the sausage mart's lot this afternoon.
The inside of Michael's Italian Beef was almost as crazy as outside—the place was packed with people trying to juggle giant protest signs and giant Italian meatball subs.
Sausagemaker in Chief Michael Zokoych was in the back, washing dishes and dressing down a worker when I came in. "Yes sir, yes sir," the employee repeated while pulling on dishwashing gloves. Michael is a hardy guy, he moved to Portland from Chicago 40 years ago and has been running his Italian meat shop for the past 35 years.
"Portland politics are becoming more like Chicago's every day," he said, taking a break from the dishes. "More and more aligned with government takeover." Michael's involved in local politics as a director of the Central Eastside Industrial Council—in his window hangs a Tom Hughes for Metro President sign and he says he would allow any political group to host an event in his lot. Rallies are a great way to meet new customers.
"It's important to protect the free business enterprise in America. That's what America is all about," says Michael. And his thoughts on Obama coming to town? "I have no connection to that man's politics, I'm not a socialist."
As we talked, who should walk in the door but Tom Hughes himself. Michael shook his hand and Hughes explained to me that he wasn't here for the Tea Party rally, just to get lunch. "It's amazing to me, all this anger," says Hughes. "I listened to hear solutions, but all I heard is anger."

A former KBOO vomiteer volunteer weighs in:

I used to eat there when I was a KBOO volunteer. People warned me about his establishment. The people working there were nice, unless Michael was in and then they were terrified. The last time I ate there (a soggy sausage sandwich that tasted like dogfood) was during the 2008 election and he had Fox News blaring and was ranting to customers and employees alike.
Up to that point, I was tolerant of his asshole-ness, but he really treated his employees like crap all the time. His place only makes it because there aren't too many places nearby with regular sandwiches for a decent price.
Posted by rich23 on 10/20/2010 at 3:40 PM

Is this the elusive Richard/Winston Smith Comrade Lisa Loving outed?

It's all coming together, Comrades!  Remember, seeking funding from Federal sources for non profits and related grants is selling out to the Evil Corporate State Machine!  But accepting money from supporters of a misguided ideology, used to rally racists cloaked in patriotic trappings is just fine!

Know your allies!
Know your enemies!
Fitch is Evil!
The Tea Party is okay!  The Board Prez says so!  

Solidarity!  The glorious radio workers paradise is right around the corner!

-Meresa Titchell

Can't get enough of the Tea Party?   Here's muy mucho pics of diverse white people complaining about stuff in Michael's Parking lot!

" The Tea Party really is diverse! I mean, you have old white people, middle-aged white people, white people with mustaches and without mustaches. You even have variety of obese white people. "

Have questions for Michael?  Contact him at Facebook!

We're sure he'd love to explain how a right-wing reactionary Tea Bagger wants to support a left radical community radio station!


  1. This must be what they meant by under-served communities.

    1. Comrade Red PantsJuly 5, 2013 at 9:27 PM

      We're looking forward to his LOLsuit.

      If Comrade Lisa went off the rails after asking to hack this blog, can you imagine what Mikey's going to do when they tell him about this blog? KBOOM!

    2. So far 3 ppl "like" this:
      Brad Wager
      Dan Johnson
      Christian Joseph Majewski

      It's Fri night. More people will notice when they're sober in the morning.

    3. "If Comrade Lisa went off the rails after asking to hack this blog"

      Speaking of Comrade Lisa, look who made the most recent Yelp review:

      " Lisa L.

      Portland, OR
      5.0 star rating

      I get a dog with kraut just about every week. Couldn't live without it. Michael is a real guy, he's right there making food from scratch when I'm there early in the morning. It's actual food, made there, for an affordable price. The walls are covered with kids' crayon drawings from classroom tours of the restaurant. Sometimes they give away the gigantic pickle and pepper jars on a cart in the lobby. If you are whining in 1000 words about this place then fine, the lunchtime crowds might be a little more bearable without you. But it does get really crowded at lunchtime so heads up. Thank you."

      Is this a coincidence or what?


    Sounds like Michael has quite the sense of humor.

    I mean, how much does it cost to get a credit for underwriting KBOO?

    If it's cheap enough, I could envision:

    Thanks to Lars Larson for underwriting KBOO programs!

    Thanks to the Multnomah County Republican Party for underwriting KBOO programs!

    Thanks to the Friends Of Dick Cheney for underwriting KBOO programs!

    Thanks to Portlanders Against Bicycles for underwriting KBOO programs!


    1. Thanks to Volksfront for underwriting KBOO programs!

      Thanks to Libertarian Party of Oregon for underwriting KBOO programs!

      Thanks to Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty of Portland for underwriting KBOO programs!


      Any one know if the KKK might be interested?

    2. "Any one know if the KKK might be interested?"

      Keep KBOO KBOO? Or were you thinking of a different organization?


  3. Comrades!!!!

    This is exactly where we told you Fitchism would lead us!

    We need to immediately form an Ideology Committee to screen contributions - we should not be accepting money from tainted ideological sources!

    Only organizations and individuals who meet our exacting ideological standards should be allowed to contribute to KBOO!

    KBOOs Moral and Ideological purity is at stake, Comrades!

  4. Just wait until word gets out! We may never blog again!

    What is that on the horizon? A thousand points of light? The sun rising on the New Tomorrow of The Radio Workers' Paradise?

    So bright! Can't see!

  5. "Up to that point, I was tolerant of his asshole-ness, but he really treated his employees like crap all the time. "

    Does he have a union? KBOO staff will really want to know this one.

  6. Nice job Justin Miller!

    Isn't there something about KBOO not taking money from businesses not aligned with KBOO's mission? I'd say Michael's beef falls outside those bounds.

  7. "Nice job Justin Miller!

    Isn't there something about KBOO not taking money from businesses not aligned with KBOO's mission? I'd say Michael's beef falls outside those bounds."

    Aw crap. That means we still got us some bloggin.

    1. Meet Justin Miller:

      "Underwriting Coordinator Justin Miller"
      Meme Time!

    2. Does he know how to use Google? Failing that consult TM and Staff's pet indy bees?

      They had an article about the tea bagger rally in 2009:

      "Michael's Italian Beef Hosts Neo-Fascist Tea Party"

      Can't get clearer than that.

      Epic coordinator fail

    3. "Underwriting Coordinator Justin Miller"

      Comrade Justin needs to learn the difference between Pure Money and Evil Money!

      He probably thought that simply raising money for KBOO was enough, without realizing the complex ideological judgements that have to be made before taking money from anyone!

      Better bankruptcy than ideological contamination, Comrades!

      Perhaps a stint in Christmas Valley cleaning the solar panels will teach him the error of his ways!

  8. KBOO Purity BrigadeJuly 5, 2013 at 9:50 PM

    This is KBOO!

    It's OK to associate with anti-Semetic loons and chemtrail nuts, but not with right-wingers!

    Say yes to Captain May, and no to Michael Zokoych!

    We have standards, you know!

    1. "It's OK to associate with anti-Semetic loons and chemtrail nuts, but not with right-wingers!"

      But, but...Tea baggers ARE anti-Semetic loons.

      I'm so confused.

    2. "It's OK to associate with anti-Semetic loons and chemtrail nuts, but not with right-wingers!"

      But anti-Semetic loons ARE right-wingers.

      I'm more confused.

    3. Counter Confusion CadreJuly 6, 2013 at 7:24 PM

      No confusion necessary, Comrades. Right wing anti Semitic loons, who support politics contrary to KBOO's values and mission statement, are the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

      Unless they underwrite/fund KBOO. Then they are an under-served Member of Community Radio.

      Remember: right wing anti-Semitic loons saved Portland from being NUKED! They can't be all bad.

  9. Part 1

    Wow. SKFSK has either really stepped in it, or brought a very important idea to the forefront. Let's assume it's the second. And for the record, Justin’s a decent guy.

    This is an extreme, but nonetheless pertinent example of the essential question KBOO faces, who is the COMMUNITY in Community Radio? I'm sure we all agree that the attitudes and behaviors referred to at Michael's are ones that we wouldn't want to promote on air. That's not hard to figure out. But it's absolutely relevant to discuss and not dismiss outright if we should or should not take their money, either for underwriting or even a membership.

    What we don't know is why Michael's Sandwiches decided to underwrite at KBOO. Does he love Bluegrass Music? Does he listen to The Dirtbag (gardening show), does he have an extreme sense of humor and like the Ubu Hour? He doesn't have to agree with Theresa and listen to Abe and Joe to be kosher as a contributor now ... or does he?

    This relentless pursuit of "purity" of the "KBOO listener" is precisely why KBOO is shrinking. It's one thing if we openly share our opinions that we don't want to shop at his business, but it's another thing if KBOO decides to hold him at arm's length because we don't agree with his politics. I'm sure that many contributors to KBOO do so because they listen to one or two shows a week and simply ignore the rest. I know it's true for many of the Sunday shows, and not just the Jewish Hour.

    If we're going to have a ruckus and tell them no thank you to underwriting, then to be completely honest and fair we'll then need to create an underwriter questionnaire, to determine the KBOO Purity level of each and every underwriter. Who else is underwriting who might be suspect? Citybikes (for years had anti-Semite Tim Calvert working there), Grand Central Baking (did we check to see if they're union?), Hawthorne Auto Clinic (promotes cars, cars cause global warming), Jupiter Hotel (god knows what goes on there), Marylhurst University (Catholics!), NW Center for Colorectal Health LLC (my god, it's a CORPORATION and think of the jokes), Oregon Symphony (don't they already get enough publicity on All Classical?), Spritone Internet (another corporation and they probably log our emails for the NSA, have we asked?), Wilken & Co. CPA (we already know money and math is EVIL).

    1. Sorry you got no email reply.
      The answer, as you've discovered, is yes, you have to split it. Blogger has a limit on comment length. Nothing we can do.

  10. Part 2

    And do we now send a purity questionnaire to our members during the next drive?

    This is not just a theoretical question, this type of thing crops up at every Program Committee conversation. The committee has been stuck trying to figure out what programs "our listeners" would like to hear, rather than figure out what programs would bring in new listeners. It's the core of the Hartmann debate, is Hartmann pure enough for KBOO?

    I watched a tape of an anti-Israel rally a few years ago, where the speaker was promoting BDS. Free speech and the right to assemble are something I deeply value, even when I don't agree with the content. But one thing about the speech was really striking. The speaker called for the usual boycotts against Caterpillar, Motorola (supply equipment to the IDF), but then went on to ask for a boycott of Starbucks. Why? Because the CEO of Starbucks was a Zionist. I wanted to ask the speaker if they stopped using all computers on principle because the chips were designed by Intel who has a plant in Israel.

    I'm a Zionist! A modern, progressive Zionist who is working hard to get Israel the hell out of the territories so that a viable, contiguous and sovereign Palestine can finally emerge and grow into a shining example of Arab democracy. But according to Theresa Mitchell (and others at KBOO) if I don't agree with her 100% on every issue related to the conflict I'm anti-Palestinian. Should KBOO refuse my next membership payment? Should I be banned from the building? Are you the KBOO thought police? Are you going to make sure KBOO is PURE?

    I spun this to an extreme you might say, but the facts are that some people reading this post were nodding their heads and saying yes. KBOO is stuck in a self-righteous path that ensures it's irrelevance and insolvency. I'm not going to buy a sandwich at Michael's, but are we going to accept that we're all different and collaborate to promote a shared community radio station? Or are we going to let the KBOO radio club thought police keep things pure? I sure hope not, because facism can come from the left as easily as it can come from the right.

    1. "Are you going to make sure KBOO is PURE?"

      Of course, Comrade! We are developing our twenty-page application that individuals or organizations who wish to give money to KBOO will have to fill out, where you will have to list your political history, your associates, and submit a written essay demonstrating your political reliability! We are also demanding that you provide ten references from individuals of known ideological reliability!

      Then, your application will be sent to the Ideology Committee, which will have six months to investigate your background, and determine if you are politically sound (Zionists need not apply!)!

      Then, and only if the Ideology Committee approves you by a two-thirds vote, will you be allowed to donate money to KBOO!

      Holders of the Iron Rice Bowl would rather lose their jobs, than accept money from ideologically unsound sources, Comrades!

      This is as it should be!

    2. Comrade Red PantsJuly 6, 2013 at 7:36 PM

      These are all good questions. What gets missed is the difference between "free speech" and "organizing to promote racist propaganda". Sure Michael can think what he wants. But when he let's these people pushing politics that can be directly liked to ORGANIZING politically with racists, and they organizes on his property with his permission, he's ACTING like a crypto racist. Maybe he's too dumb to know the difference.

      But the progressive community is supposed to be educated about how that works. Holocaust deniers for years have been whining about how their "free speech" rights are oppressed in Germany. They're lying. It's not their "speech" per se--it's the fact they are ORGANIZING racist politics.

      Many naive leftists have trouble understanding this. Personally I've yet to see anyone who for years pushes a radical far right agenda, favored by Nazis, who didn't turn out to either be a Nazi/racist themselves or be closely connected ORGANIZING with them.

      Calvert is an excellent example.

      More l8r....

    3. Michael isn't just a guy with some weird views. He hosted these racist creeps posing as a political movement in his parking lot. He used business resources(time, money, space) to do this. From Yelp comments his politics haven't changed. Even after the teabaggers were exposed for the racist scum they are. So we can assume Michael continues to be willing to support politics that roll out the welcome mat to racists. It's not his thoughts or even beliefs, it's his actions

      The real question is why is he underwriting at all? Sounds like an agenda cozy-ing up to KBOO to improve his image in the left community.

      It's a valid to screen business donors for who else they support politically with their money. Happens all the time during political campaigns. If an undesired contact is made known, credible organizations return the money and distance themselves.

      Well, that what competent organizations do.

    4. "Are you going to make sure KBOO is PURE"

      Nothing to do with purity. Being underwritten from radical right supporters is stupid. Period.

      Other questions arise: is this the only recent underwriter? If not, why was Michael promoted on Facebook but the others not? I'd also like to know his motivations. The guy by all accounts is a dick. He's not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

    5. Comrade Red PantsJuly 6, 2013 at 8:40 PM

      More l8r 2:

      To summarize:
      The Tea party is a racist organization.
      Michael supported, endorsed, the tea Party.
      Michael supports racist organizations.
      people supporting racist organizations should not be allowed to do business with KBOO, if part of KBOO's mission is honoring diversity.

      Yet he's allowed to do business with KBOO? And, after crucifying Becky Chiao as a Nazi apologist over an off-hand comment about someone she did NOT support or share a connection, the Inner Party is quiet about Michael's underwriting?

      That says something very loud and clear. So does the Inner Party's hand-waving Glorious Leader and her special relationship to anti-Semite May.

      The City Bikes situation is useful to look at. City Bike had the means and reason to remove Calvert years ago. It was only after the persistent humiliation by Rose City Antifa that they finally did. It had nothing to do with purity or free speech. Calvert was using the coop to organize racists.

      KBOO's parallels aren't perfect, but they're there. KBOO has the means and reason to remove unethical board members, a clueless president, incompetent staff, and underwriters who support racists. It doesn't have to adopt "purity" tests or debate "free speech" with these losers. It just needs to motivation to do what it can do right now.

      Unfortunately for KBOO, when that finally happens, it will probably be too late.

    6. Glad to stir the pot and have some real conversation.

      In our society, usually the boundary has been when speech turns into incitement, or actual crime. The Mulageta Seraw death and trial of Tom Metzger are a classic example of being held responsobile for incitement (I personally know the attorney who went atfer Metzger. BTW, I also know one of the attorneys who defended Brandon Mayfield, and the attorney who defended the Muslim charity in Ashland who was being targeted a few years ago by the FBI. All nice Jewish lawyers from Portland.)

      In fact Jews, who understood well the dangers of democracy without any checks and balances (Hitler was fairly elected to Chancellor after all) were the attorneys at the ACLU who defended the rights of Nazis to march in Skokie, IL in the famous free speech case decades ago.

      So it's never black, it's never white. It's always shades of grey and this question of allowing a contribution or not is a perfect example of how it's not ever simple. For programming at KBOO however, the thought police at KBOO are excluding people who don't agree on everything with the in crowd. There is only one viewpoint allowed on difficult topics, and that is as closeminded as Right wing talk radio. Sucessful communities are always built by coalition and compromise. So I have to remind you that I call myself a Zionist (with clarification) and I'm also a small business owner and therefore a Capitalist (small letter c). My input which might surprise listeners from decades of experiences is not valued at KBOO.

      BTW, an important angle is not yet in the conversation. Could being slightly in the tent with KBOO positively affect Michael's? Could being accepted conditionally into a more left wing community temper their views and activities? I went last month to a facinating talk by someone from the Hate Crimes Coalition. His best people in the field are people who used to be skinheads but who eventually changed their ways. How can we affect Tea Party folks if we exclude them from supporting ... Blue Grass?

      I sell to customers across America, and in many countries overseas. My customers politics mirror the national scene, so I have dear friends and long time customers who vote like morons. But they are intelligent, serious people who I do care for. Do I exclude them as customers because I disagree with their politics? NO. Not excluding people who are different, or who disagree with us is why America works and we don't have sectarian violence in our streets. It ain't perfect, but nothing human is.

    7. "Not excluding people who are different, or who disagree with us is why America works "

      The distinction has been made between disagreement and organizing.

      It is a fact that racist organizing precedes increases in racist violence. The actual act of organizing gives racists the belief they have support in the community. They are therefore more likely to "act out".

      No one waited until violence broke out before censuring, then kicking out Calvert.(though there was a violent response) Educated anarchists(not the fakes in the "inner party") don't wait until violence breaks out.

      Repeat: it's the organizing that's the problem.

      Michael was organizing with racists. He has never retracted. If he did that,it would make a difference. It would show he made a mistake, understands how his actions could lead to danger in the community and was taking responsibility for it.

      He could even stay an asshole and do all the above.

    8. "In our society, usually the boundary has been when speech turns into incitement"

      Rallying racists is incitement.

      "or actual crime."

      Some prefer to challenge these f---- before it gets to that point.

    9. Anyone to the right of Glorious Leader is by definition racist and needs to be shunned, Comrades!

      Better bankruptcy than ideological contamination!

    10. Why, those tea partiers are a white as a bunch of Portland anarchists! (But without the trust accounts.)

    11. So now I guess the real question is if holding events for the Tea Party itself is as bad as if Michael had directly hosted Volksfront? Be careful how you parse this. Some in the Tea Party in Congress are coming round to help build coalitions against the NSA spying mess. It's grey, and not my flavor of grey, but politics is a process of compromise despite what the loons at Indymedia say (polaric opposite of Tea Party or perhaps worse).

      If the Tea Party is a more radical offshoot from more traditional conservative and libertarian groups and we see it as racist, so are some of the neo-liberal "left" radical groups who some at KBOO idolize. This is one reason why I don't agree that being "radical" is a value by itself, although in society and at KBOO I agree that radical views and unpopular views should have an outlet. But they should not control the entire political content of the radio station.

      On a different note, in the Portland Mercury article quoted above Michael says "he says he would allow any political group to host an event in his lot." Now that's worth testing, no? Here's a challenge then. Have an Anti-Fa rally there. Hold an Occupy rally there. Of course for free and then only do it responsibly respecting the property and cleaning up afterwards. If he doesn't allow it then he's a liar. If he does allow use of the parking lot for a left wing rally, then folks he'd be more fair about access to private property than KBOO is right now with a public shared resource.


    12. Anyone I disagree with is racist, Comrades!

      It's a great way to shut down discussion!

    13. Who's tryiing to shut down discussion?

    14. This is what appears to be going is a differing perception of framing and solutions.

      A couple anons and Ed think the Michael Sausage issue is just a guy with funny views who is harmless and should be tolerated as long as he personally doesn't kill anyone.

      A couple anons and bloggers think that Mike giving tangible support to an organization documented to encourage racist rhetoric and connections is proof Mike is willing to do more to walk his talk.

      Both approaches can be problematic. The minute Mike gave tangible support to a racist friendly organization he stopped being just a guy with funny views and became, by proxy, a racist organizer. This is actually how modern racist organizing works, through proxies or people duped by dogwhistle propaganda. The dangerous ones don't goose-step in public. They talk 'nicely' and front "patriot" groups>Tea Party.

      But is Mike racist or violent himself? Maybe, maybe not. His actions show he doesn't care if he's helping racists. Or he's so ignorant of the politics and the connection to violence, he really does think it's harmless free speech.

      It doesn't speak well of either Mike or KBOO's judgement or awareness of history.

      Another observation:

      It appears half of comments are from liberal progressives-ish types and half are from left radical types. Broadly liberals tend to believe if they can have a reasonable discussion with an offending party, that party can be enlightened.

      Radicals tend to agree with that, right up until it's not working or something approaches the "moral event horizon". Then they work to stop the problem. This seems to be a cultural difference that won't be solved by dialog. People may have to agree to disagree.

      On the bright side: this convo is proof people with same values but different perceptions can have dialog without accusations of conspiring with Zionist shills or other foil hat bs.

      That's 100% win.

    15. "On the bright side: this convo is proof people with same values but different perceptions can have dialog without accusations of conspiring with Zionist shills or other foil hat bs."

      Or deleting comments the blog owners don't agree with. Yes, that's a dig at YOU, Indymedia!

    16. Dear Anon 7:51 ...

      The only part of your post I can pick a bone with is the oversimplification of the starting postitions of those you refer to. They're not that simplistic and I'd suggest not that far apart. But kudos for seeing this an an opportunity for further conversation and dialog. Now if only we could get useful conversations like this on the air at KBOO ...

    17. The simplification was somewhat intentional, since anyone can read the details. What was being adding was a possible explanation for the different perceptions of the problem and therefore different proposed responses.

      This entire 'sode is also a set up to revisit the Becky Chiao event. See, Becky DID NOT have any credible connections to far right groups (she might have some wacky aunt or uncle who loves Glenn Beck...). Yet she was crucified by the "Inner Party" for one careless comment. In fact she was driven from her position as Board President. She didn't even get to misappropriate funds!

      This Mike guy helped nutbars organize and the Inner Party is silent. Except for Comrade Lisa Loving who eats there regularly. This is cozy...

      Logs show the "Inner Party" is very interested in this blog post. They know they can't keep their followers together with a mounting mountain of documented hypocrisy, at least not using the same techniques they have been.

      "But kudos for seeing this an an opportunity for further conversation and dialog."

      This is only useful understanding that dialog, by itself, is not problem solving. It's a trap progressives fall into with a dishonest party who will "dialog them to death", when the solution is obvious and people just need the will to act.

      "Now if only we could get useful conversations like this on the air at KBOO ... "

      On air dialog would be helpful because it would reach more membership than this snarky blog does, even though our traffic numbers are very good an our SEO fucking rawks.

      Most KBOO members are as aware of the station's problems as most Sierra Club members are aware of Sierra Club management issues. In other words zip. Even then participants are overrepresented by the Inner Party, or people it's influenced.

      Conversations on the air about KBOO's situation is an excellent thing to pursue. If nothing else than to get the Inner Party faction to put up or shut up. Why don't they go on air about their Hate Fitch campaign or "Top Down Corporate OMG Winston Smith sold us out" stories? Is it as simple as they know they can't control the format and anyone can call in? Or is it actually illegal to air some of their talking points? Because, you know, fibbing?

    18. Ummm ... kudos, conversation, dialogue ...

      refering to us chickens and the rest of the KBOO coop.

  11. I hope Michael's Italian Beef is underwriting The Bike Show. Toss in Democracy Now for good measure.

    1. hey, have a question. i know you want to be a responsible board member. can you share the minutes of the last meeting? thought that was something the public has a right to know. or is that just the members have a right to know?

      the minutes haven't been updated since march at the website last i checked

    2. The minutes are a public record of a public meeting. They available to all. However, the Board has to follow a certain process before the minutes are made available. The minutes of the prior meeting are shared with the Board a week before the next meeting, corrections offered via email, or at the meeting, and then approved by the Board. Since they are the legal record of the Board actions, they have to go through this process before they are official. Reading the by-laws, you will see it's the Board Secretaries job to post the minutes. Rabia is now the Secretary and she would be the one to post the minutes not posted by prior Secretaries. Check with her. However, you will find no mention of Michael's Italian Beef in the minutes of any meeting. :)

    3. The minutes should be available by request at KBOO. Perhaps the issues we were having with the web site made posting the minutes there problematic.

    4. "Rabia is now the Secretary and she would be the one to post the minutes not posted by prior Secretaries. Check with her."

      Loyal Party members don't need to read the minutes! The Glorious Leader's footnotes and interpretation should be good enough!

    5. Next board meeting is when?