Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Traitor Hoyne calls for removal of Comrade Lisa "Hacker" Loving

Not this shit again!  These traitors are such whiners, always expecting "fiscal responsibility" and "professional behavior":

Greetings KBOO Board of Directors,
I would rather not have to send an email like this to you, but after reflecting on this for a few weeks I feel I must.
Over two-weeks ago KBOO Board Member Lisa Loving emailed me threatening legal action and accusing me of a crime. She felt I was/am responsible for a blogspot website that, according to her, harassed her. Her proof that I was responsible is that the website ridicules the town of Happy Valley, Oregon, and I begrudgingly live here temporarily. Yes, that is all the proof.
Immediately after I read Lisa’s email I responded, told her it wasn’t me, and asked for an apology. It has been over two-weeks and I haven’t heard anything from Lisa.
I have no idea why Lisa chose to single me out for this abuse, yes abuse.  I’m guessing she knows her behavior was completely inappropriate and out of line.
This type of behavior is completely unacceptable by a KBOO Board of Director towards anyone. Accusing someone of a crime, however unfounded, is cause for concern. I was concerned that Lisa was going to bring forward some lawsuit, which would require me spending money on legal fees, not to mention the stress it would provide. I certainly would categorize her behavior as conduct harmful to me.
For this reason, I am calling for the KBOO Board of Directors to remove Lisa from the board as called for in the bylaws.
Section 8. Removal.
                                                (b)        Any member of the board, whether elected by the members or appointed by the board, may be removed for cause by a 2/3 majority vote of the seated board members eligible to vote. Cause is considered to be: fraudulent or dishonest conduct, gross abuse of authority or discretion with respect to the corporation, or conduct harmful to the corporation, its employees, or volunteers. The board member being considered for removal shall not cast a vote.
In addition to violating the bylaws, Lisa has failed to be a model of the KBOO house rules as called for at
Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings, serve on at least one committee, support and be active in the strategic plan, and be a model of the KBOO House Rules.
If need to see the various house rules Lisa violated, please refer here
I know that Lisa’s board term ends in a few months; so being short one member for a few months should not impact the board in a significant way.
More importantly, it would demonstrate that the KBOO Board of Directors is the model of behavior for those at KBOO and inappropriate behavior, such as unfounded allegations of a crime and legal threats will not be tolerated.
I hope you all take this opportunity to move KBOO forward, rather than demonstrate that the Board tolerates this type of behavior.
Thank you,
Ben Hoyne
Here is the email Lisa emailed me:
From: Lisa Loving <>
Date: Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:46 AM
Subject: The harassing "satire" website
To: Ben Hoyne

Ben look, I know it's fun to troll around, but as I start drilling down into this Save KBOO from Save KBOO site -- I came to it late -- I can't help noticing that at the very top it references Happy Valley, as in "Then start packing for the Happy Valley Reeducation Center, where we guarantee ALL Party Members WILL be HAPPY."
Ben, YOU live in Happy Valley. Is this your site? It has numerous links to your writings and your other websites posted in the blogroll, implying that you condone this harassment. I have an attorney and I am actively looking into whoever is defaming me in this matter. I am turning all your materials over to my attorney who is empowered to use law enforcement to look up IP addresses--now that's something civilians are not really able to do but the law can do it if a complaint is filed.
Now it's true that "hacking" as a term is debated, but it is not actually illegal, (what is illegal is 'cracking' but I'm just going to let you look that up). If "hacking" were strictly illegal then tens of thousands of people would be imprisoned including all the people who go to respected conferences every year like this one It just happens that source codes for websites are in fact open for anyone to look at and people do it all the time; there is info in the source code that IDs in one way or another who runs the site.
Ben, you have a job and a family. Hadrian is a crazy doosh but don't you understand that people like you are the ones who really get burned in situations like this? I mean come on. I am going to stop scratching into this because I do not see any value in harming your life career or ability to make a living. But if the harassment continues I will proceed with legal action.
The other thing, and I want to be clear here because I think you are young and ignorant, is that it is possible -- completely legally -- to suss out the ID of bloggers across platforms where they have multiple sites or administer them, such as all the blog links you have on the dreadful yellow on white type site, and whichever computers you have at YOUR JOB. Dude use your common sense. I am not a hacker but eventually you will piss off someone who is if you don't stop. You understand that right? And once the curtains are opened you can say, It was satire, but that will NOT IMPRESS YOUR BOSSES AT WORK. Right?
This has happened before in the history of KBOO in a staff harassment incident BY A FORMER BOARD MEMBER in which that former board member created a fake email and harassed the staff, was ID'd AT WORK through the IP address she used to send the emails. She was convicted of a felony and lost her job.
Dude I don't dislike you but you are being used like a stooge right now and you are in over your head. The fact that all your links are listed on the blogroll shows you support the harassment of innocent people. What would your bosses think of that? Your job is political -- MAN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?
Thank you.

It is the position of the Inner Party that we need to move on, and not revisit blog posts like that detail Comrade Loving's asking to for help to hack this blog:

Another blog post we don't need to revisit is Comrade Loving followup of outing a party member for leaking her plans to hack this blog:

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But the macros are pretty fucking epic so we will revisit them:

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Otherwise, nothing to see for loyal Cadre!  Move along!



  1. "I’m guessing she knows her behavior was completely inappropriate and out of line."

    I wouldn't assume that.

  2. The Inner Party better wise up. Anyone can play the impersonation game.

    1. That was a false alarm. Inner Party should wise up anyway.