Friday, July 12, 2013

The Revenge of Becky Chiao: President of KBOO Recruiting for Tea Party!

Oh noes!  We were afraid someone might do this!

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"I just don't get it. Traitors?  Revolution? Are you people serious?  
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Now we return to our daily hysteria in progress......

Readers will remember long ago Board President Becky Chiao was driven off the board as a NAZI APOLOGIST. The proof?  An off hand comment in a radio interview.  Read here for more:

In the same spirit we must reluctantly  call out Conser as using KBOO for Recruiting for the Tea Party.  

Proof?  In Conser's 2012 State of the Station speech, he invites the Tea Party RIGHT ON KBOO'S WEBSITE:

 "The tea partiers are welcome to join us."

The Tea Party is well known as a haven for racists organizing under the pretence of criticising Obama's foreign policy, but really hating that OMG A BLACK MAN is the prez.  They don't like Jews either.

Further, in July of this year, Tea Partier Michael Zokoych started underwritting KBOO programing!

This is MUCH WORSE than Chiao.   Conser actually invited these people.  Lisa Loving Eats at Michael's.

Michael is underwriting KBOO programming.

Did Nazi hobbyist Mark Kruger underwrite KBOO when Chiao made her comments?  No!

Did Chiao organize Nazi rallies or events to promote Mark Kruger's hobby?  No!

But Conser is INVITING Tea Baggers and KBOO is being underwritten but Tea Baggers ON CONSER'S WATCH!!

To paraphrase Alan Graf:

" We have videos, affidavits and photos to prove all of this. He has also been documented through videos and testimony as intolerant of diverse views and been shown to be very rude against people who he didn't like, particularly those on the left, time and time again."
Just read Yelp reviews like this:  
Portland, OR
Good food!  But the owner and staff are very rude!  My friend and I went there for lunch.  My friend was wearing a tshirt that said "I Bike Portland" on it.  First the woman behind the counter started harassing him for it.  Then the owner came over and joined in.  Apparently they hate bicyclists, and think they're all a bunch of lazy, non tax paying losers.  Even after my friend was obviously offended, they wouldn't let up.  This isn't how you treat paying customers!  If we weren't starving, and hadn't already paid for our food, we would've left.  I won't be going back!

More at Yelp!

After reading about this, we're sure Alan Graf would say something like:

I now find out that Conser is President of KBOO's board and I am simply aghast and dismayed that KBOO would allow a Tea Party apologist to be its President.
 For years, KBOO has been the voice against racism and the  reactionary right in this city. Now it has a President who defends the Tea Party. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

You tell em, Comrade Graft; Graf!   

We demand, for the good of KBOO and the Inner Party, that Conch step down from the Board Presidency!


Board President Conch(Conser) responds:

From: S.W. Conser
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Subject: Re: KBOO Board Director Conduct Detrimental to the Foundation
I am sincerely sorry that Mr Hoyne's disappointment at not being named Board President last year continues to cause problems for him, and that he feels the compulsion to broadcast this disappointment endlessly throughout the community.
That said, this lingering issue of Mr Hoyne's provides a valuable object lesson for anyone interested in taking on an officer position within a non-profit institution. Anyone in a position of authority, no matter how assiduously they follow the demands of their office, will find themselves subject to nonstop second-guessing and gossip, much of it uninformed, some of it wholly invented. In Karl Rovean fashion, even attacks that are clearly contradicted by the official record will be repeated ad infinitum.
Although I wouldn't want to scare anyone away from taking on a decision-making role in grassroots public service, board officers should be prepared for the fact that, in the era of the internet, (a) your critics have limitless access to aliases and anonymous blogs which seemingly give them a larger voice than they would otherwise command; (b) a board officer representing a non-profit institution is expected to ignore character attacks and defamation which would otherwise be considered legally actionable, in service to the greater good of the institution; (c) duty to confidentiality often tends to limit one's ability to defend oneself against such defamation; and (d) despite your loftiest ideals, a great deal of your time will be spent countering actions by members who, intentionally or not, are geared toward tearing down the reputation not only of individuals, but of the broader institution.
Whatever authority is commanded by an officer of a non-profit board is expected to be utilized in service of the organization's mission. Anyone who seeks a position of authority with the goal of imposing a personal agenda, or the expectation of having others cater to them, is in the wrong business. It is only the most rarified of boards, the multi-million dollar non-profits, that welcome entitled do-nothing directors. In the world of grassroots organizations such as KBOO, board directors are expected to put in long hours meeting with the membership, putting together events, doing intense research, and reaching out to the wider community.
It is unfortunate that so many decent and talented volunteers in the non-profit sphere are discouraged from stepping up to the level of board directorship by the toxic atmosphere represented by the troll culture surrounding us. My only recommendation would be for idealistic people to take the long view. Seen in perspective, the critics in the shadows eventually fade away, as they find easier targets to attack. With patience, one finds that commitment, collaboration, and innovation are eventually recognized for what they are, as are their opposites: narcissism and the politics of destruction.
-- C.

 Wait.  Or is this his reply to that other thing about misappropriating funds?
Hard to tell.  Conser's talking points are pretty generic.  It's the kind of evasion we'd expect from someone out of step with the values KBOO tries so hard to project while doing as little as possible to live up to those values.

Um ignore that last.




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Becky Warns Member

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More art(from indy of all places)

mike's tea party


  1. From Conser's 2012 Blog (which ironically quotes Lynn Fitch in quite a positive light)

    "And leave behind the politics of whisper campaigns, of manufactured crises, of factionalism and finger-pointing. The people who want to divide us can't do it without our help, but we certainly don't need to help them. So, get off the comment boards, step away from the flame wars, reach out to the person next to you. Remember, you don’t have to be friends to be equals."

    Wish Conser would remind his friends what the effect of the KKK and SaveKBOO smear campaign has been. And if you read his entire post, he's advocating for the difficult decisions that the board empowered Lynn Fitch to make, which she began to implement only a few months later.

    Irony has been shown to be an enemy of THE PEOPLE.

  2. Okay, but now you have to get someone from out of state to spam this shit on Indymedia.
    That's how they drove out Chiao.

    1. Does Rogue Valley IMC count?

      President of KBOO Recruiting for Tea Party

      Alan Graft, 12.07.2013

    2. It's at PIMC too...but for how long?

    3. Comments are getting out of hand at Indy.

      "Conch should reisgn! 12.Jul.2013 12:55
      Marie link

      Conch do the right thing and turn in your resignation, please. We will be at the next board meeting to tell you we want you to step out of the way. Hopefully, you come to your senses before then - if not be prepared to do so at the board meeting itself. "

      Where are our bees?

    4. Next Board Meeting seems to be Monday:

      Next KBOO Board meeting 12.Jul.2013 12:46
      Violet link

      People, the next KBOO board meeting will be on Monday, July 15, 6 PM at KBOO, 20 SE 8th Ave. If you are a KBOO member and are appalled that our board president invited the Tea Party into KBOO and apparently considers Tea Party underwriting of KBOO programing as harmless, please show up for public comment at 6 PM.

      That seems early.

    5. Glorious Leader has no sense of Irony. She posted on Indy and seriously doesn't get the point:

      This is nothing but the hysterical smear campaign of a losing effort. 12.Jul.2013 17:33
      Theresa Mitchell link

      Here is the actual quote of Conser's comments at the 2012 Membership meeting:

      "This community — right here — is the true grassroots. Anyone who's hung around in the KBOO lobby during the wee hours of Safe Harbor knows that you won't see any billionaires lurking in the corners, handing out talking points to the hosts. What you will see is a lot of coffee consumption, because — Lord knows — the revolution is not a tea party.

      We do now know, I'm happy to report, that the revolution can be broadcast, and web-streamed, and archived and time-shifted.

      The tea partiers are welcome to join us, but please: leave all your billionaires behind. And leave behind the politics of whisper campaigns, of manufactured crises, of factionalism and finger-pointing. The people who want to divide us can't do it without our help, but we certainly don't need to help them. So, get off the comment boards, step away from the flame wars, reach out to the person next to you. Remember, you don't have to be friends to be equals.

      Thank you for listening. Now go out there and be KBOO."
      Hardly a call for Nazism, is it?

      Now take your distortions and go home, please, "Graft."

      If I recall, the actual words of Ms. Chiao were also different from what Alan Graf said. But that didn't stop the Party from running her off.

  3. That Chiao thing was published on Facebook:

    Liked by Bill Mcguire, who seems to be the only member of the "Arthur Davis should resign from KBOO" Facebook group.

    Just can't please some people. -_-

  4. BlueOregon (yes Yaney, the ones trying to take over KBOO) put up a petition asking for Thom Hartmann. According to them it has over 2,00 signatures in 4 hours.

    1. sorry, should be 2,000

    2. How does she know? The petition link doesn't seem to let you sign without $$ donation. :(

    3. it was a joke about yaney.

      here's Kari's post on blueoregon

      Kari Chisholm · Top Commenter · President at Mandate Media · 176 subscribers
      BlueOregon doesn't take positions on things. BlueOregon offers its readers a chance to take positions on things. If no one agreed with this one, no one would sign it. And yet, it's been less than four hours, and already 2359 people have signed on. By this evening, it'll probably be our biggest petition ever (except the original Save KPOJ petitions.)

    4. "2359 people have signed on"

      Wow. That's almost half of KBOO's current members. If they can be convinced KBOO will be run by responsible adults, and they join and vote, the station might actually survive!

  5. Heads up readers: Glorious Leader just peeked in to browse this blog post:


    1. Rejoice cadre! Glorious Leader has posted a new manifesto!

      One-day membership drive? Really?
      Submitted by Theresa Mitchell on Fri, 07/12/2013 - 4:29pm.

      KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was canceled by the new, brilliant and innovative management. We lost somewhere between fifty and seventy thousand dollars. However, the new management has claimed that thousands of dollars at a time will come in to replace those funds--they were to come from a huge boost in corporate underwriting. We are still waiting for these funds. Fortunately, from decades of funding community radio in the correct manner--that is, receiving funds directly from the listeners--we still have some reserves left.

      We do need a supplementary drive, and a small one, to wedge between the Spring and Fall drives. It should last three or four days, it should be promoted with a street party with some notable bands, and it should be preceded by substantial promotions on our own air, and on friendly and supportive media. That is what has worked in the past. If successfull, it will raise twenty thousand or so, but more importantly, it will also promote good will and wide awareness of our mission, so that the succeeding Fall and Winter contributors remember what a good time they had.

      Sadly, this is not happenning. The emphasis on South America actually comes as a snarky punishment against those volunteers and Staff who criticized the absence of a Winter Drive--'it's winter in South America, get it? Here's your chance to raise money now with your old hippie public affairs model.' And we get only one day to try to make it happen. Guess what the new management will say, if proceeds are indeed puny.

      To counter this state of affairs, I will in fact apply my dead level best, along with other KBOO loyalists, to raise funds in one day on this arbitrarily, angrily selected topic.

      In fact, KBOO listeners, and Cascadians, would benefit from News You're Not Supposed To Know about things like the TPP ripoff, the Kissinger/Videla/Pinochet connection, and how those anti-civilian terror techniques are now ranged against us in the USA (and for the same reason). The added ferocity of the circumpolar winds around Antarctica mean fires and drought, in areas that compete with Cascadia for produce exports. The overfishing of the Southern Seas affects your food prices. There is much to learn.

      Tune in and join KBOO. Your monthly pledge of $10 will go a long way to keeping real people's radio on the air. We need it more than ever, as the ten thousand luring voices of the Web threaten to turn all efforts into blind, passive "consumerism." Got any fight left in you?

      I do.

  6. Cadre Comments MonitorJuly 13, 2013 at 3:39 PM


    This brilliant post by our GLORIUS LEADER has been removed by the EVIL ENEMIES of our cause! It's no longer posted at !!!!

    Damn! I thought we had this stuff all under control!