Sunday, July 7, 2013

SCANDAL: Jim Dancingtrout supports EVIL FITCH, KBOO Underwrites Smooches

 Last Year!  But Still!

Pics or didn't happen?  TOTALLY HAPPENED.

The entire article Dancingtrout flagrantly "liked":

KBOO is Community Supporting Radio

KBOO is Community Supporting Radio, plain and simple. We are here to build, strengthen and enhance community – not exploit its citizens. Our programming is based on the needs of the community, not financial gain or commercial viability.
Community Supporting Radio provides airtime for local artists, musicians, and cultural activities. It promotes awareness of community-based organizations, services and issues and educates listeners about how to get involved. It trains individuals with vital skills in radio broadcasting; giving voice to the many diverse communities that KBOO serves.
It takes courage to remain independent, commercial-free and Community Supporting Radio - it also takes donations from listeners, underwriting from local businesses and organizations, and grants from regional foundations. Airtime is not free, it requires thousands of dollars each month just to keep the radio station operating – but KBOO must do more than just “stay on the air”.
To fulfill our charter and our promise to you, KBOO has embraced a mandate to grow, stabilize and have the resources necessary to meet the demands of these uncertain and chaotic times. Help KBOO evolve, so we can better respond to and meet the needs of the community. Please, let us hear from you now!
Keep KBOO thriving and growing as we enter our 45th year. Support our renewed efforts to increase our outreach, expand our presence in the community with new programming and more on-location broadcasts, and lastly empower Portland’s citizens by providing a forum for a diversity of viewpoints and ideas.
Please, give what you can – every dollar helps. Your contribution is greatly valued and appreciated. Donate now!
As always, in solidarity – The Station Navigator, Lynn Fitch

Comrade Dancingtrout has hitherto been understood as a supporter of Glorious Leader's Crusade against EVIL FITCH.   But now it appears, from a Facebook post LAST YEAR, this proves RIGHT NOW Comrade Dancingtrout may not be the loyal cadre we assume him to be.

He put on a good show.  Why weeks ago, according to comments at this blog,
 he published a statement to the effect of chaining himself to Fitch's door:

Too bad that comment from Jim Dancingtrout got deleted from KBOO's facebook link to this Hartmann question.
The one where he said "I'm gonna chain myself to her fucking door in an act of civil disobedience"
I wish I had saved that for prosperity. I wonder if KBOO deleted it due to the language, or Jim realized threats of this nature won't go over so well.

 "I'm gonna chain myself to her fucking door in an act of civil disobedience"

Comrade Trout seemed to full of revolutionary fire.  But was it all an act?  Mere MONTHS before he was liking POSITIVE Facebook posts about EVIL FITCH. 

Remember, Traitor Hadrian started out like this.   With something that happened in the '70's.  Or 80's.  And Hadrian had a SHOW! Then the radio station DIED.  And a transmitter was involved. And cows.  Or maybe that was another blog.  Years later he wormed his way into KBOO and IS TRYING TO DO THE SAME THING.

Clearly Hadrian tricked Dandingtrout into liking that Facebook post about EVIL FITCH.
Because, cows.

The real question is:  Is Dancingtrout still loyal to the Party?  Or is he dancing on Traitor Hadrian's puppet strings?  Is Dancingtrout a Trotsky Manchurian Mole?   

Only a full scale Inner Party inquiry can get to the bottom of Manchurian Trout's soon to be proven treachery by secret tribunal!

In probably completely unrelated news, KBOO Underwrites Smooches with Glorious Leader's honeybun:

Underwriting Kboo not only that, but Ani Raven Haines was also kind enough to take my shift so i could go into the gorge and bbq with friends. thanks so much, Ani! >smooch<

Let's get one thing straight, cadre:  Glorious Leader's squeeze is OFF LIMITS to Party Smoochers!

Keep your treacherous smooches to yourself or the Bend Gulag awaits!

Stay tuned for more news of Party Purges and Perfidy!



  1. KBOO offline:

    Site off-line

    The site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you are the maintainer of this site, please check your database settings in the settings.php file and ensure that your hosting provider's database server is running. For more help, see the handbook, or contact your hosting provider.


    1. One of the Web Chimps spilled something on the server.

    2. is this the brave new cloud server?

  2. The cows were with the server in the cloud, but as Per notes they needed to be milked. But then they heard there might be BBQ and panicked cuz they now know that Michael's Beef Sandwiches is an underwriter, which caused them to emit the excess milk and other fluids into the cloud. The cloud held the KBOO website and also the Blues Fest feed (not the cow feed, that's a different feed) so there were problems with both as the cows are at fault for everything this weekend.

    I'm sure FITCH likes cows, but we'd have to check.

  3. Indymedia drones are Stalinist underachievers!

    On June 21st, Glorious Leader issued her latest manifesto:

    "destroying KBOO via the State".

    Some comments were censored immediately, but eight comments were left up, some unflattering to Glorious Leader. Then, after a few days, a comment was censored, leaving seven comments.

    Now, within the last day or two, three more comments have been censored - more than two weeks after the article was posted.

    Indymedia Comrades! The Inner Party appreciates your untiring efforts to censor anti-Party comments on Indymedia, as part of our Stalinist policy of media control!

    However, doing so more than too weeks after the treasonist comments are posted are away itbay ootay owslay, mmmay, OKWAY?

    You Need To Better Maintain Revolutionary Vigilance, Comrades!

    1. What's really sad about the censoring is it doesn't make the Inner Party look better.

      To do that, Glorious Leader's first comment lying and obfuscating should be removed: "The first accusation refers to an attempt to discover an anonymous blogger. If that's illegal activity, then all journalists are criminals. "

      It's amazing Eddie's comment is still there. What we're seeing is either:

      1 Evidence the Inner party member is an Indy bee, or
      2 more probable, a bee has been cultivated and bamboozled by the Inner Party.

      This is more likely because an Inner Party member would just delete unwanted comments. They had to work on the bees for weeks to convince them some comments should go.

      If anyone has screens they could be helpful to reverse engineer what the Inner Party is planning. Nothing was wrong with those missing comments. So they must have been awkward to Party strategy in some way.

  4. The bees "say" they never delete posts but put them in compost. I believe indy bees share the identity of unflattering posts with their friends and are not anonymous as they claim. Don't trust indymedia to not give you up to their friends. They would sell you out to them, or the government.

    1. "The bees "say" they never delete posts but put them in compost."

      Aside from the minor problem that the compost bin currently doesn't work, Indymedia has frequently simply deleted posts that they really didn't like, without putting them in compost.

      In any case, they have never provided a means to see deleted comments to posts.

      Given that various Indymedia posters over the years have claimed that Indymedia doesn't log IP addresses, it was interesting to see that there is no stated Portland Indymedia policy anywhere saying that Portland Indymedia doesn't log IP addresses (if I'm wrong about this, feel free to correct me).

      At this point, I would assume that any IP addresses used to access Indymedia are being passed to the Inner Party.

    2. I'd add that if Indymedia drones are in fact passing IP addresses to third parties, for purposes of harassment, that said drones need to have a long, soulful talk with an attorney about the legal implications of doing so.

    3. Not sure about them giving anything to the "government", but I agree with everything else.

      I've also read that Indy claims to not log IPs. But I think that's in context of all the indy collectives are supposed to not do that to protect activists if the state demands logs. Like the librarians wiping info after a certain time. Can't turn over what you don't have.
      See wiki:

      "The administrator of could not have provided the information because Indymedia sites generally do not keep IP address logs."

      IMC collectives are semi-autonomous, but they're all supposed to adhere to some agreed things or they could loose their prefix, I guess. Maybe it's time to report

      More info principles of unity

      "4. All IMCs, based upon the trust of their contributors and readers, shall utilize open web based publishing, allowing individuals, groups and organizations to express their views, anonymously if desired. To ensure privacy and anonymity, the logging of information about users shall be kept to the minimum. The logging of internet protocol (IP) information about users shall be kept to the minimum necessary to maintain control over the server (i.e. in the event of an attack). In the event that logging is necessary, details of the logging shall be made publicly accessible, including duration of logging, what information was stored, and actions taken as result of the logging. Collectives are encouraged to have a public policy on IP logging."

    4. "I've also read that Indy claims to not log IPs. But I think that's in context of all the indy collectives are supposed to not do that to protect activists if the state demands logs. Like the librarians wiping info after a certain time. Can't turn over what you don't have."

      Agreed - but try to find a statement on Portland Indymedia saying they don't log IP's. They don't even quote the general Indymedia "Principles Of Unity", instead, they have their own Portland Indymedia "Principles Of Unity", which doesn't mention IP logging.

      I was surprised - I expected some statement on Portland Indymedia along the lines of "to stick it to the Man, we don't log IP addresses!", but if it is out there, I sure haven't found it.

      So, as far as I can tell, there is no policy on Portland Indymedia banning or even regulating the collection of IP addresses, and nothing forbidding Indymedia from turning the IP addresses over to whomever they wish.

    5. Compare Portland Indymedia with's statement in the "about us" section ( is an e-mail service popular amoung radicals):

      "We strive to keep our mail as secure and private as we can. We do not log your IP address. (Most services keep detailed records of every machine which connects to the servers. We keep only information which cannot be used to uniquely identify your machine). All your data, including your mail, is stored by in encrypted form. We work hard to keep our servers secure and well defended against any malicious attack. We do not share any of our user data with anyone. We will actively fight any attempt to subpoena or otherwise acquire any user information or logs."

      Try finding a statement like that on Portland Indymedia.

  5. In response to criticism of Indymedia's glorious censorship policies, a probable Indymedia drone responds, in part:

    "the negative posts that contain social sabotage of Peoples' struggles are over the top lately on PIMC in a real negative way

    especially directed at original article posters / authors

    the website is for "read it, write it, your site, your news... for Oregon

    post or comments that are sabotaging others peoples struggles and efforts should be taken down, don't you agree?

    opinions, corporate news, non-reporting and blog/style-personal rant-posting are not news articles for PIMC and should be down

    don't you think that comments that are posted-up that rudely tear into the local authors, will destroy our collective community, and then the vehicle [PIMC] itself will suffer negatively over time due to this down-spin?

    and not due to lack of 'reporting or not-reporting', but to the overwhelming berating and belittling of the "authors" and the negative/draining comments, all that which works against those working for social change by using PIMC, including the readers."

    Do not "socially sabotage" the "peoples struggles" of the Inner Party, Comrades!

    Stop "the overwhelming berating and belittling" of Glorious Leader's posts on Indymedia!

    1. "the overwhelming berating and belittling" ?

      Sure the drone isn't talking about Glorious Leader's article/comments? Impersonating Ed Kraus? Lying about Lisa's plan to hack a blog? Lying about Debbie and Chiao?

      Maybe they should read this: