Thursday, August 1, 2013

Banking with the Corporate Enemy: KBOO vs Bank of the Cascades!

 Note that there are MANY lulz to be found in the audios of the last Board Meeting:
 We're kinda going in reverse order examining them, if for no other reason in a sane organization emergency financial shit would be near the beginning, not the end of a meeting.  But what do we know?  We just write the Mean Yellow Blog!

Today is the deadline that KBOO is to inform Bank of the Cascades who is the admin for the Station Bank account.

This implies KBOO has not had an admin for the station's account, for going on two months apparently.  Except maybe it has been Paula Small.  Or the Intern.  No one seems to know.

This partial transcript is the untold story of the last two months KBOO's bank account as been unmanaged:

Note: this EMERGENCY ITEM INVOLVING MONEY is brought up AFTER 10pm, when many people have bailed, and JUST BEFORE Conser tries to go to public comments.

And everyone wonders why these people have problems managing funds....

The time starts around 1:47:35 in this audio:

Conser tries to go to public comment
Ani interjects:  I have one more piece of emergency business,  uh and this is one of those awkward and tricky situations, um we sent an email to the board last week.... We being signed by Andrew but it was written in concert with Sophi and Kathleen uh about a banking situation?  We had two questions that we had promised Deanna A. from Bank of The Cascades that we would have answered after this board meeting.  

She contacted us because she said she'd been trying to contact people for two months to get these answers and had not heard back from somebody.  And then there was about a half hour later a response from the board treasurer saying shes taking care of this ; there are responses from a couple of other board members saying these are good questions ...And then there's finally uh, looks like the end of the day, a response from the treasurer saying she will handle all the necessary paperwork period.   

Now, as a check signer and as somebody who gave my word to Deanna A. from Bank of the Cascades that she will have these two questions answered so we don't have interruption to our capitol on the fifth, when their policies change, I want to know that these questions have been answered and given to Deanna.   Because otherwise I've promised her to call her up and tell her.[SNITCH]
[talk over conch]

The questions are 
1.determine who is listed as an administrator of the bank of the cascades account
[it was Debbie, she's no longer an employee of the foundation,  she was laid off. Debbie suggested Mellisa, who is an account temp. And it's unusual, though not unheard of, to have an account temp given this level of authority. Of course that is up to the board.
2. does the board want to include the treasurer, president or any other board member as an administrator?  Deanna noted that having the board president or treasurer is standard practice, but also stressed the administrators shouldn't have a lot of change over.  So we, that is myself, Kathleen and Andrew, assured Deanna that kboo will have answers for her by August first, which means we all wanted to know answers from you all by the thirty first. But I'm here..
[talk over]
Matthew has something to say.
We already have as a board prior designated me as one of the people....[mutter], executive committee, and I can help with that.  So...

Conser: so are you putting yourself forward as the officer to be administrator? Okay?
[talk over]
I've already signed....
Back in April you signed [indistinct]next week, but that was back in April....
Yeah, so I'd like to follow up in making this rule.


To summarize:

- Finance Manager Debbie Rabidue laid off sometime in May
- No one at KBOO has been managing KBOO's bank account(that is MONEY) since May, just trusting that it's there.
- The Bank, in the person of Deanna, almost immediately attempted to contact KBOO about it's account.
- SHE HAS BEEN IGNORED FOR TWO MONTHS.  Even by Matthew who, at the last minute claims to have been designated APRIL.(Auxiliary Back up Finance Manager? Who knows?)
- Finally, a week ago, after some serious Olympic level telephone tag, where we wouldn't be surprised Conser's acting skills featured("Ello?  Bert's Enchilada Emporium,? No, I theek you have wrong Kay Boo here, Senora."), and with the growing threat they'll lose access to the MONEY, the Board is formally emailed about the situation, and after a brief bout of email tag, the Treasurer Paula Small decides to take care of it.  It sure is nice most board members thinks this is good idea to take care of AFTER IGNORING THE BANK CONTACT FOR TWO MONTHS.
- Small reassures everyone at the end of the day everything will be handled, but it's obviously NOT, because it's being brought up at the board meeting to get an answer BEFORE KBOO LOSES ACCESS TO THE MONEY.
 - Whereupon KBOO board member and Vice President Matthew Bristow claims to have had this authority SINCE APRIL, even though he's been dodging Deanna A. like everyone else(Ja, we haf meatballs, dey are goot! You order, yes?).
-And this EMERGENCY BUSINESS is all done near the end of a four hour long meeting, guaranteeing most observers will NOT see the incompetent money management on display.

But everything fine!  Taste that Kool-aid, OH YEAH!!!

We would feel remiss not to say:



EDIT: image added for members who don't understand how cozy the board is with each other.  Photos taken by Ani Haines, include the Board President Conser, his honey Moelich , and Theresa Mitchell aka Presswatch aka "Glorious Leader" .  We can safely assume that Conch, Moelich and Ani are the source of "Glorious Leaders" leaks and other "anonymous" scoops. While it is possible for friends/spouse to serve on a board ethically, it requires more ethical fortitude and transparency than these people have ever shown.

Have more questions?  Email Matthew Bristow about how he ignored the bank for two months:

We're sure he'd LOVE to hear from members.



 Final note: for a bunch of radical radicals, more radical than thou, terrified of BIG CORPORATIONS, why aren't they banking with a CREDIT UNION?   Bank of the Cascades is a subsidiary of Cascade Bancorp:

About Bank of the Cascades

Bank of the Cascades is the principal subsidiary of Cascade Bancorp (NASDAQ: CACB). Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, we deliver personalized relationship banking, competitive financial products, and advanced technology for the convenience of our customers.
Founded in 1977 with our first branch at the corner of Third and Revere Streets in Bend, Bank of the Cascades today offers full-service community banking through a network of 28 branches throughout Central Oregon, Southern Oregon, Portland/Salem, and Idaho’s Treasure Valley.
At Bank of the Cascades, our Directors, Executive Leadership and Staff are proudly involved in our respective communities. We not only provide financial support to many local causes, yet also proudly and tirelessly volunteer our time and energies to a wide variety of community, business and charitable organizations.
 KBOO is banking with corporation "banksters"!  Someone alert Presswatch!


  1. Vad är det för fel? Inte Thomas , Huskvarna gillar köttbullar?

    What's wrong? Doesn't Deanna like meatballs?

  2. These are the kinda things you can't make up. I can't imagine blowing off the bank for a day, much less two months.

  3. Wait, BOC has Executive Leadership? No staff collective? I'm outraged!!
    Come on Meresa, get folks fired up, TO THE BARRICADES!!!

    1. Hey! Glorious Leader was on today! Did you listen! WELL DID YOU? The Bend Gulag awaits for those who answer wrongly!

    2. Ironic the first half of her program is dedicated to whistleblower Bradley Manning....after KBOO drummed out whistleblower Hadrian. Clearly lionizing whistleblowers doesn't being at home....

    3. *begin at home

    4. "Clearly lionizing whistleblowers doesn't being at home...."

      You need to learn to the difference between Noble Whistleblowers and Malevolent Saboteurs, Comrade!

      Perhaps a stretch in the Christmas Valley Reeducation Camp And Tanning Center will assist you in learning the difference!

    5. Now they have a tanning center? Cool! My tan needs evened out. Down with Glorious Leader! *should do the trick*

    6. "My tan needs evened out."

      Good luck "evening out your tan", Comrade, when you are covered in muck from cleaning the solar panels!

      There are **a lot** of solar panels in Christmas Valley...

  4. Uh, you almost got this right except the person who brought this before the board and gave the narrative was Ani Haines, not Rabia.

    From a policy view, the most important part is that the bank suggests a board officer can and often is an administrator, but only if there is long time stability. So the bank is aware of how unstable the KBOO board is with constant turnover. No new law firm wants KBOO as a client, now is the bank worried about having KBOO as a customer? Not good.

    1. And Paula will only be treasurer for a few more months, provided she's not kicked off the board before then for some reason (never know with these folks).

      Also, it should be noted that after Lynn Fitch left the Board meeting, Ani jumped back into the chair at the board table and began serving as de-facto staff liaison to the board, participating in the board meeting.

      That didn't take long.

      Just like old times, ain't it grand!

    2. Corrections in progress Comrades....

  5. Ironically, Ani sat just to the left shoulder of Conch, and a little behind. Just like the meme photo of that afternoon.

    1. Comrade Red PantsAugust 1, 2013 at 4:38 PM

      Since we have so few votes, that might be the meme that wins. It's either that, or stacking the choice in our favor because, you know, we can. Sound like any people we know?

  6. "SHE HAS BEEN IGNORED FOR TWO MONTHS. Even by Matthew who, at the last minute claims to have been designated APRIL."

    This is so fucking phony. They seriously expect people to believe Conser, Ani and Matthew are just becoming aware of this situation? "OMG we need an an answer NOW or the bank will cut us off!"

    Bread and circuses for watching membership. Any sane org would have, assuming any of this crap is true, told Deanna Matthew is the admin, though they have to confirm it at the board meeting, and Ani will get back to her if that changes.


    1. Well it's good press for Ani, like she's proactive and a "take charger"...except it would have worked better two freaking months ago. The most fake part about it? Her "interrupting" Conser to "speak out". Talk about acting. Did they rehearse that?
      For new readers, understand Conser and Ani are very good friends. Very good friends would have talked this to death already and agreed what they were going to do at the meeting.
      No way would an emergency money matter be taking Conser by "surprise". *yawn*

    2. Image added to illustrate this. :)

  7. "I have one more piece of emergency business, uh and this is one of those awkward and tricky situations, um we sent an email to the board last week.... "

    KBOO is running like a well-oiled machine, Comrades!

    1. Ignorance IS Strength!

  8. "Note: this EMERGENCY ITEM INVOLVING MONEY is brought up AFTER 10pm, when many people have bailed, and JUST BEFORE Conser tries to go to public comments."

    I've observed an organization much, much larger than KBOO, where staff used this as a deliberate tactic. Have the small, unimportant items at the beginning of a deliberately long, exhausting board meeting, and save the big, potentially embarrassing items for the end of the board meeting, when everyone just wants to go home.

    Works like a charm, Comrades!

  9. Look! It's made it to Indy!

    Curse those bees...are they all high again?

    1. Slow maybe? The article is still there but they deleted a comment. You can still see evidence of it in the feed.

      12:12 Aug-01 (1 comment)"

      Must have been REALLY BAD. Indy is such a joke.

    2. At last! The treacherous article has been composted! Yay comrade bees!

    3. There's been speculation about the role of Indy and the Inner Party. At PIMC lists that are now private scroll down the bottom to the list owners:

      imc-portland-requests list run by afterthought at, salaud at, joeanybody at, quill at

      "joeanybody" is a fixture in the foil hat community,a friend of many Inner Party members, and a member of KBOO

      "joe anybody | KBOO Community Radio
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      His real name is Mike Tabor.