Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Website Sort of Online Sometimes, SEIU Legal Troubles, Plus BORED MEETING TODAY

Readers might think we misspelled "board", but they'll see how right we were tonight...

First:  The KBOO website is sorta up and running.  This Screenie shows that while we can get to it, there's nothing there.

 No programs, no contact info, no blogs, no schedules.  This could be a problem!

  Let's check in with our new NEW web consultants and see what they have to say:

(Um, er, someone give the web developers some more bananas and ask the question again...)

MOVING ON, Comrade Welp's free union legal advice may not be worth much.

Timmy Welp is a staff member at the SEIU where today's board meeting will take place:

The SEIU has found itself in legal hot water after a judge said SEIU was engaged in "regular, sustained and ongoing" violations of state laws governing nonprofit corporations.  Not exactly an organization that's in any position to give KBOO, already a troubled Non-profit, more bad Non-profit advice.  Trust us, the Inner Party is a closed shop on bad Non-profit advice. 

More at Oregon Live:


Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian
Email the author | Follow on Twitter
on August 04, 2013 at 10:00 AM, updated August 04, 2013 at 10:05 AM

Oregon's largest union grapples with messy lawsuit from former president

Oregon's largest union, which represents thousands of state workers and is one of the state's most powerful political forces, is embroiled in a messy legal dispute with one of its former leaders over how the organization should be governed.
A Salem judge has ruled that Local 503 of the Service Employees International Union has violated the state's nonprofit laws by failing to hold annual membership meetings, withholding certain records from members and improperly trying to change its corporate structure.

Boy does that sound familiar! We'll be watching this breaking story and hoping it will sorta go away and everyone will forget A SEIU STAFF MEMBER IS INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER NON PROFIT DOING THE SAME SLEAZY THINGS.  Let's just all forget that.

So back to WEBCHIMPGATE....

Digging through whois records, kboo.fm was once registered care of Arthur Davis under the manager@kboo.org email:

Domain Information
Query: kboo.fm
Status: Active
Created: 31 Dec 1999 05:00 PST
Modified: 07 Feb 2011 06:28 PST
Expires: 24 Jan 2016 05:00 PST
Name Servers:

Registrar Information
Registrar Name: dotFM

Name: Arthur Davis
Organisation: KBOO Community Radio
20 S.E. 8th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
Phone Number: +1.5032318032
Admin Contact:
Name: Arthur Davis
Organisation: KBOO Community Radio
        20 S.E. 8th Ave.
        Portland, OR 97214
Email Address: manager@kboo.org
While Davis is gone, some idiot failed to remove the email address from KBOO's whois.  The last known person with that email address was EVIL FITCH:

"please contact Lynn Fitch, 503.231.8032 x222 or manager@kboo.org"

Questions arise about the exact nature of the KBOO's website problems and the delay in fixing them.  It's too bad no one at KBOO can talk to Fitch about this because, as Timmy Welp said last meeting, any contact with Fitch without a doctor's release, before September, would not be appropriate (click or rt-click on image to enlarge):

Wonder if/when/howlong the website will remain active?

Want to ask  Timmy Welp what his Union Legal advice is worth?(Didn't he say a lawyer wasn't needed?)

Want to give a web developer a banana?

Then come on down to the board meeting to night as blogged here:


 This no way has anything to do with board member Timothy Welp appointed as new employee negotiator.  Nothing at all.  Stop thinking that.  In fact, forget you just read it.

The new location for the August 6th board meeting is:

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meeting for August 2013
Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 6pm
SEIU Local 503 Union Hall 6401 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR
 Always helpful, we'll add the phone number and website for readers.  Never know when they might come in handy:

(503) 235-5071

Several things NOT to do at tonight's meeting:

Do NOT make a collection jar to help fund the website development and then fill it with bananas.

Do NOT at every uncertain pause, casually sigh, loudly saying, "Oh Welp."

Do NOT do either one of these things.

This is a SERIOUS meeting, with SERIOUS BUSINESS.  We're trying to impress the Union folks that we're a perfectly sane non profit with no bi-polar chemtrail induced foil hat craziness. Damn it, we know it's extreme!  But it's the only way we'll con competent people into helping us fix this mess at KBOO!  

Crap, guess this means Lisa and Ani have to be left behind.



UPDATE:   Timmy Welp has thrown his support behind Keep KBOO as KBOO aka KKK!  See it in his likes at Facebook :

Now that says credibility!


  1. Topics not to be mentioned at the Bored meeting, Comrades!

    1) The kboo.fm outage.

    2) Whether KBOO is running the legally-required PSAs regarding the license renewal.

    3) Whether that little problem with the Bank of the Cascades has actually been resolved.

    4) The nature and cost of the additional benefits to be provided cadres under the new union contract.

    5) Whether Inner Party board candidates are receiving preferential treatment in the elections process.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships, Comrades!

    1. Oh, and...

      6) Whether the board is ever actually going to consider the proposal to put Thom Hartmann on the air, or whether that proposal has been sent to the Program Committee to die a quiet death.

  2. " No programs, no contact info, no blogs, no schedules. "

    Still blank. They run out of bananas?

    1. It's just magical!

      Imagine the lulz if the site still isn't back up when the board meeting happens!

  3. Can you make the cartoon above a full size jpg or pdf that we can download and save as a memento? Put a full density version, and I'd recommend making it landscape and three rows of pictures so it will fit nice on a piece of paper. I'd like to keep that one for a long time.

    1. You can right click and "save image as". I'm getting pretty good results that way. Make sure you have it full size first, in a separate tab/window or you'll only get a thumbnail.

    2. Or copy image, paste it into photoshop, save then you can make a pdf of it if you want.

    3. Epic Image is Epic. IDK, I think landscaped in two rows might work. Or reformat to fit 8X11? Might cut edges of text tho.

    4. "Can you make the cartoon above a full size jpg or pdf that we can download and save as a memento? Put a full density version, and I'd recommend making it landscape and three rows of pictures so it will fit nice on a piece of paper. I'd like to keep that one for a long time."

      That's the highest resolution we have if I understand your question. Sorry.

  4. Blog updated to include Welp's support of the KKK.

  5. Wow, Welp likes the Communist Party USA?

    He is truly Old School, Comrades! When CPUSA talks about the Gulag, they are not joking, unlike us!

    For more lulz, check out his flickr page:


    There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a large group of beautiful white people banding together in a union, Comrades!

    They obviously got nervous about the overwhelming dominance of people of pallor in the SEIU, so in later pictures they single out the handful of Asians and blacks in attendance. However, if you look at the crowd shots, it's obvious that Oregon SEIU is about as white as the Oregon Republican Party. Solidarity!

    1. This is for you, Comrade Welp!


    2. " However, if you look at the crowd shots, it's obvious that Oregon SEIU is about as white as the Oregon Republican Party. Solidarity!"

      It is kinda weird the landscape/road mantinence crews have very little(none?) latinos.

  6. Someone's causing trouble at Save KBOO:

    Anonymous says:
    August 5, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Wouldn’t this be considered a violation of the BoD conflict of interest for Mark to be doing this and buying underwriting at KBOO? Maybe you should check into this, or I can send this to someone and have them give a “professional” opinion based on KBOO bylaws and FCC Payola/Plugola regulations. I think Mark is towing the line. I also want to ask if any of you on this group checked anyone background before endorsing them? It would be fun to see if any of them cause serious problems and it comes back to this group because they endorsed, publicly.

    1. Oh, meant to post it on the KKK thread. OH WELP!

    2. I've got no problem with SEIU underwriting programming at KBOO, especially as we've got a monthly labor radio program. Makes perfect sense. However I do have a problem with a professional labor organizer becoming the representative for KBOO in negotiations with the new staff union. This is a clear conflict of interest, and if the negotiations do begin with Timothy representing KBOO then he should resign. Members who are concerned about the future of KBOO should figure out which authority to file a complaint with regarding KBOO's governance. Can the members file a complaint with the FLRB about the behavior of their own management?

    3. oops, meant NLRB ... National Labor Relations Board. Too much alphabet soup.

    4. "I've got no problem with SEIU underwriting programming at KBOO, especially as we've got a monthly labor radio program. Makes perfect sense."

      Of course nothing's wrong with the SEIU, or any union, in theory supporting community radio. But now we're discovering it's being mismanaged in disturbingly similar ways as KBOO, and a long time staff member is part of the culture.
      And he's on the KBOO board.
      And he supports the "KKK". (in quotes to distinguish it from the other one wearing sheets).
      And he's giving "legal" advice that amounts to, "don't worry do whatever you want."

      This is all a coincidence? This goes beyond a conflict of interest, which is bad enough. We're being asked to believe too many impossible things before breakfast.

      Timothy Welp appears to be part of another cultish click that seized control of SEIU. No wonder he gets along so well with the Inner Party.

      If anyone does some digging, will we find SEIU counterparts to Traitor's Hadrian, Fitch and Arther Davis?

    5. Neither SEIU or AFSCME bother me as underwriters. And we can have Michael's Beef Sandwiches too which represents more "community".

      But we sure can't have DEMOCRATS!

  7. Seven hours until the board meeting.

    Still no functional kboo.fm web page.

    It would be hilarious to hear the Inner Party discussions today about how to fix/cover up this teensy problem.

    Management by "workers collective" is working as well as always, Comrades!

    1. Why do you assume there would be a discussion about it? The board hasn't brought up Thom Hartmann ever, why should they bring up a disfunctional website?
      Ignorance is Bliss!!!

    2. "Why do you assume there would be a discussion about it? The board hasn't brought up Thom Hartmann ever, why should they bring up a disfunctional website?"

      It would be hilarious if they didn't mention it.

      Not responding to a bank inquiry after two months is horrifying to anyone whose has ever been involved in managing a business, but it is sorta inside-basebally.

      Losing the web page that people rely upon for program schedules, etc. for multiple days is a lot more public, and a lot more embarrassing.

      Remember, Comrades, "competence" is an evil corporate code-word used to keep the laboring masses down!

  8. ...and kboo.fm seems to be back up, just five hours before the board meeting!

    Now they don't have to mention the website crash at the board meeting, Comrades!

    1. I'm sorry, but I have to laugh.

      The last set of KBOO board minutes posted on the webpage is August 24, 2009. (http://kboo.fm/node/6295)

      The last KBOO annual report posted on the webpage is 2006.

    2. Ooops... back down again!

      "The KBOO website is offline for maintenance at this time.

      If you want to stream the station live to your computer, you can still do that by choosing one of the following options:

      MP3 High Bandwidth

      MP3 Low Bandwidth

      Of course, you can always find us on the radio at:
      90.7FM Portland, 91.9FM Hood River, 100.7FM Willamette Valley"

      Sounds like they'll have it back up for the board meeting, however.

    3. Uh oh. At Facebook someone asked the unthinkable:


      KBOO Community Radio · 8,332 like this
      15 hours ago near Portland ·

      Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 6 PM
      SEIU Local 503 Union Hall
      6401 SE Foster Rd
      3Like · Comment
      The Hounds of Finn, Mixtieme Bikes, Kristin Weigert and 3 others like this.
      Jabbara Edwards What is on the agenda?
      50 minutes ago


      Report to Christmas Valley Reeducation Camp ASAP!

  9. "What is on the agenda?"

    LOL. The only other organization I know of that functions without an preannounced agenda is the Chicago City Council.

    After all, you lose all the excitement and spontaneity at the board meeting if you have to admit what you will be discussing ahead of time!