Monday, August 26, 2013


Your knew it was coming....

Announcing  the new forum Operation FREE SPEECH:

 Our goal is to educate the public and  radio community about KBOO's toxic situation.  If there's a solution, great.  If there isn't, then at least these slime balls can't continue their act in the progressive community.

We will continue to give news updates, but the option is there for readers to participate more actively in planning, writing or even organizing actions.  Posting is possible as guests or registered, but a couple boards can only be accessed with registration. Also to start threads requires registration(need a check back on that?).

This blog has many assets, but it has the same limitations as all the "Inner Party" propaganda organs: it's a one way street.  To really get the word out people need a platform to explore their own ideas.  This is certainly not the only way to do it, but it's one way.  Considering until recently dissenters from the "Inner Party" had no ways, it puts people a little ahead of the game.

Threads with news most readers have come to expect:

General Radio news:
Latest KBOO news:
KBOO elections:
Inner Party:

 And read this too:

Most of you aren't new readers, but it'll get you oriented.

Also there's a Facebook page, though we don't expect to get many likes because most of us don't do Facebook, but there it is:

Gentelman ( and women) we have work to do.

 Link to video:

A Message to the PDX Radio Community by operationFREESPEECHpdx

Hello. This is FREE SPEECH.

We wish to inform the public of a cancer growing in the Portland metro area in the community radio scene, nurtured by the organization known as KBOO radio. For years KBOO has been a community resource allowing ordinary people to learn how radio works and let their voice be heard. We are sad to inform the public this non profit institution, created to serve the public, has been hijacked by a small oligarchy, exploiting the brand of KBOO community radio for their personal agenda.

This is unacceptable.

When objections were voiced this year about this small controlling party, their response was a cocktail of destructive, abusive and illegal behaviors, culminating in an attempt to obtain information from dissenting members using an illegal phishing scheme. This level of vindictive pathology is more akin to the defensive maneuvers of a destructive cult than a community radio station that espouses the values of social justice and free speech. Therefore we have decided to expose this cancer so these vampires cannot continue to make their living at the public's expense.
As the station heads towards bankruptcy, a renewed effort to hide facts to keep the money flowing has motivated the controlling party to convince people talking about problems in a progressively irrelevant cocoon is the same as solving those problems. By giving people the illusion of doing something, it has lulled the alternative community into believing their voice is being heard when in fact their voices are being redirected into an echo chamber with no chance of effecting change in the real world in a meaningful way.

Soliciting financial donations under these deceptive and fraudulent. We hope in exposing the rot that has infected this public community resource, the public may reclaim control of the KBOO community station.

We may not succeed. KBOO's time in community radio may be over and, if this is true, we will let the sun set gracefully on this chapter of alternative radio history.

But even so the task remains to drive out the micro cult that has hijacked KBOO using radical rhetoric to mask a private agenda of exploitation, control and abuse. The controlling Party and their supporters must be prevented from exploiting other progressive organizations. If this is not done, more people will be sucked into the orbit of these personalities and the toxic pseudo alternative culture used to recruit more victims of their propaganda.

Transparency is a two way street

Knowledge is free.

Thank you for listening


  1. "Also to start threads requires registration(need a check back on that?)."

    Not sure. Thinking unregistered threads not a good idea. Will check.

    1. At this time guests(unregistered) can start threads some places, but not others(troll bait areas). But guests can comment without registering most places.

  2. Facebook link added.
    Let the lulz begin.

    1. LOL the indybees are sleeping

      Let's see how long it lasts....

    2. "Let's see how long it lasts...."


  3. Remember everyone, thank Tommy "Hollywood" Hood for this new direction, Op Free Speech! If it wasn't for his phishy scheme, we'd never have proof of how corrupt KBOO has become!

    1. ORS 135.733 "Defamation: An accusatory instrument for criminal defamation need not set forth any extrinsic facts for the purpose of showing the application to the party defamed of the defamatory matter on which the accusatory instrument is founded; but it is sufficient to state generally that the same was published concerning the party; and the fact that it was so published must be established on the trial. [Formerly 132.670]" ...You accuse Tom Hood of a crime. Yet no charges are filed.

    2. Maybe since you care so much, you can tell Tommy to answer the email he was sent Aug 10 ish asking him to explain himself. He ignored it. The only reason someone would ignore it is they weren't sure what we knew, and they were playing it safe. He's acting GUILTY AS SIN.

      So yeah, if you could get him to follow up on that explanation, that would be awesome.

      Otherwise, we'll expect delivery of his LOLsuit and treat it with the same seriousness as Lisa "Hacker" Loving's.

  4. Rebby Nay is diligently reading through the forum, fyi. Must be a slow night.

  5. Anyone listen to this yet? The end sounds disturbing...

  6. FWIW,

    The "Yellow Blog" has been effective IMHO because of the humor and satyric format. Just the same as good radio, it has to entertain before you get the buy in from the listener to be able to inform.

    I'd hate for SKFSK to go away and be totally replaced by the new OFS blog.

    I appreciate the effort though, but what kept the anti KKK movement going was the hearty laugh reading the spin here. While at times it was frustrating emailing in tips and wondering if and when it would be blogged on, it was usually worth the wait.

    My 4 cents.

    1. Change is hard. ;)

      The "Yellow Blog" has been effective IMHO because of the humor and satyric format. Just the same as good radio, it has to entertain before you get the buy in from the listener to be able to inform.

      There are mixed opinions. If you already know what's going on, you're's a breath of fresh air. If you don't, its confusing. Think of an in-joke you and your friends find funny as hell...but everyone else goes "huh?".
      It's hard to rally new people if they don't get the joke.

      This was effective because the Inner Party got the joke too. They recognized they were being mocked and altered their behavior to the point of not acting out in public so as to be mocked less. This wasn't just for the Lulz. Their reactions gave us information about who they were, their agenda and values. Now we know what we're dealing with, just pointing and laughing borders on sophomoric.

      I appreciate the effort though, but what kept the anti KKK movement going was the hearty laugh reading the spin here.

      There's no reason to expect the lulz will vanish. True it won't be in the parody style of pretending to be a rah rah Party Member, but there's plenty of room for more subtle satire and sarcasm. And nothing's stopping anyone from commenting as a parody of the Inner Party.

      We feel it would be redundant to continue this as a news feed and commentary when the forum format allows more flexibility and reader participation at the same time. It also takes the pressure off us to entertain you lazy lurkers. :P

      So get over there and start participating!

  7. Bruce Silverman admits to copying member information:

  8. Very lulzy....we got a like on Facebook..from one of Ani's friends. Can't tell if it's a trick or they're confused.....LOL

  9. check out savekboo, they've copied this site, now they are the yellow blog too!

    1. erm...but weren't they the original yellow blog?

      how long has it been since you looked at tm website? she changed the red and white format to black and yellow in late may i think. this blog started in june.

      corrections welcome