Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Update on Willamette Week Coverage of Glorious Radio Worker's Struggle!

Readers may remember  we covered WW coverage of the Glorious Struggle July10th:


On Eve of SEIU Hosted Board Meeting, Traitor Kraus scurries to vandalize Willamette Week comments with more EVIL LIES:

Ed in Portland

And now, some of the rest of the story as of Aug 5th.
Hadrian Micciche was removed from the board for bringing this information to WWeek. Apparently open media is a value at KBOO except when the story is about KBOO.
The elections for this fall have been rife with conflict and accusations of preferential treatment of candidates favorable to the interests of the staff. An election date of September 14th was set back in March, but no one on staff or the nominating committee thought the election date was worth telling to the candidates. Repeated requests by filed candidates for information about the upcoming election process have been ignored until just last week. A board member had already sent an email with a list of prefered candidates to friends, before KBOO as an institution disclosed publicly who any of the candidates were.
The KBOO website has been down for over 36 hours.
The KBOO board has been searching for a replacement employment law firm, but each firm contacted by a board member as of the July 29th meeting has recommended KBOO try someone else.
The board of directors removed all management authority from Lynn Fitch during a meeting in July, and decided they would manage the station themselves along with the staff. After a few weeks of trying this plan the board briefly discussed they might need to hire an interim manager. Lynn Fitch is now on leave.
The board of directors voted to affirm that the Board President's actions obtaining confidential employee records from KBOO's attorney without prior authorization from the board or the executive director was Ok. They voted to affirm his actions after refusing to look at the actual documents in question which were available in either full version or with names redacted. They refused to discuss the details of the issue in closed session and voted to affirm that the actions taken were proper.
A union organizer who is on the board will represent the employer in the delayed negotiations with the union. This person publicly stated that he doesn't think the negotiations will take a long time, as the parties are essentially in agreement. He also opined that there isn't an urgent need for KBOO to have a law firm represent KBOO in these negotiations.

EXCUSE us, but the website is NOT down.  Anymore.   Probably.

Then, only a few hours ago, Kraus returns to post more EVIL LIES:

Ed in Portland

From the August 5th Oregonian front page article: "A Salem judge has ruled that Local 503 of the Service Employees International Union has violated the state's nonprofit laws by failing to hold annual membership meetings, withholding certain records from members and improperly trying to change its corporate structure."
The KBOO board member who says he will represent KBOO management during the union negotiations is a staff member at SEIU Local 503. He even managed to move the next board meeting of KBOO to the union hall. Can you say conflict of interest?
I sure hope WWeek intends to dig deeper into the story at KBOO. Portland needs a healthy, well run community radio station. The current reality of the staff running the board of directors instead of the other way round will end in lawsuits and bankruptcy.

 "The current reality of the staff running the board of directors instead of the other way round will end in lawsuits and bankruptcy."

We've been doing this for YEARS!  We never had a problem until EVIL FITCH arrived!  And Traitor Hadrian!  And Happy Valley Ben!   And Arthur "Innuendoed out the Door" Davis! And Becky "Nazi Apologist" Chiao!  And Debbie "super accountant" Rabidue!  

Except for all those people pointing out how wrong we were, we've never had a problem! And where are they now, huh?   Are they at KBOO?  NO. No, they couldn't hold their Kool-Aid.

What does that make them?

Losers who can only make it in a left progressive culture outside of KBOO that values competence, fiscal stability and relevance to the community.

Who needs them?  GOOD RIDDANCE.

See you at the Bored Meeting tonight:

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meeting for August 2013
Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 6pm
SEIU Local 503 Union Hall 6401 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR

Don't forget to bring bananas for the web developers.



  1. Two hours until board meeting, Comrades!

    Robe yourselves in the ritual garb, begin the chanting, and partake of the cleansing rituals required to make sure that you are worthy to attend the board meeting!

    Follow this with the mandatory Spiritual Exercises to make your brain pliable enough to be receptive.

    Repeat after me:

    "Web outage? What web outage?"

    "There is no conflict of interest having a union organizer represent management in union negotiations."

    "There is no conflict of interest in having a "workers collective" run the station, while simultaneously being members of a union. Running the station doesn't mean that you are management."

    "KBOO has no financial problems that a successful fundraising drive can't cure."

    "The Inner Party knows what is best for KBOO."

    Repeat this fifty times, Comrades!

  2. Hope readers are recording in case KBOO fails to upload audio archives, or the website goes down AGAIN.

    1. Assuming ppl can find the place....

    2. Assuming they let people in.

  3. Bored Meeting started over an hour late.
    No respect for the membership.
    No respect for public notice.
    It goes on...

    1. OMG Are they going to be here until midnight?

  4. Is there an agenda yet?